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Sony Favorite Final Fantasy 1-10?



Final Fantasy 8 ofcorse....the best characters, the best story, the best everything,


I like Final Fantasy 4 i been playing it since it came out in America as Final Fantasy 2. It has a very good story line takes about 4-6 hours of your time if you know what your doing and now with the ability to switch party members and the new quests which Squaresoft killed on tha GBA. My Second Favorite was 7. Long and exciting game before i went to disc 2 I played over 99:59 hours of the game looking for anything i missed while running around and lvling up my characters so disc 2 would be much easier to do. Fianl Fantasy 8 has my favorite character Squall and with his gunblade he will make sure you get f'ed up. Final Fantasy 9 is pretty good it ranks #3 on my Final fantasy list I loved stealing items from the boss of the thives in the begining it really helps out for starting equipment. Also beware of Steiner he watched alot of Toy Story he will chase after you try getting away by cables and he will go to infinity and beyond and fly after you.


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For me it's 7. It had the best story and it awesome character like Cloud, Vincent, and Sepiroth and that's just an example. But I really love the story. I am very sad to say after the English release of the movie the FF7 franchise will probably be over which makes me very sad. But I'm still looking forward to Dirge of Cerberus.


I'd have to say that its between 10 and 8

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spid3rloc said:
Final Fantasy 8 ofcorse....the best characters, the best story, the best everything,
Someone that I can finally agree with on that. FF8 is my favorite Final Fantasy game as well. FF7 was a great game, but my fav will always be 8. The reason why I like 8 is the whole setup. I like the whole Garden concept where it's a school to teach how to be professional Mercenaries. That alone was pretty interesting. The weapon modification feature was also a plus for it. Great game.


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If your going to post here, explain why you picked the game you picked. I want discussions people, not just exmplaes.

Mine would be Final Fantasy 7

It is the most in-depth, captivating, and emotional game of the series I have ever played. The characters are so good to get used to. I wished they made a re-make for the PS2 with better graphics.

*le sigh*


For me it's between ff7 and ff8. Both are so awesome, I cannot decide... then again Zack from FF7 is my favorite character, then Squall from FF8. So I guess FF7 is my favorite, also because it has Vincent, he rulez.


FF7, The story was extremly gripping and the characters seem the most human out of all the games, which I admire. Great all in all.


For me FF7 they have all the cool characters there ^_^ and the story is great!


FF7. It's a classic.
I liked FF9 a lot too.. but I guess that'd be a runner up.