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Favorite Fight


The Super Pimp of GF
Ok so whats your favorite fight and why? It can be from the manga or Anime which ever you like better


My favorite is the fight between orochiomaru and Naruto because we get to see just how powerful the Kyuubi power is in Naruto and it is just a crazy fight and his new look with the 4 tails is crazy


my fav. fight from naruto would probably be durign the chuunin exams...the fight between gaara and lee...my 2 fav. characters...its the fight that sticks out the most outta the naruto series...also the fight between lee and the bone dude...drunken style was funny


second naruto and sasuke fight because they go crazy on each other and it's where you actually see them both fight as hard as they can.


Lee vs. Gaara in chunnin Exam.
Sasuke vs. Gaara vs Chunin Exam



My favourite would have to be the fight where timeskip Sasuke completely wipes the floor with Yamato, Naruto, Sakura and Sai. It was just so cool seeing how Sasuke truly did greatly progress his power. Plus he has Orochimaru's katana now, which he used to his full advantage. That battle also gave a bijuu hint. =^~=


My favorite battle was the Shikamaru vs. Temari battle.

I mention specific details about the battle, so... yeah, spoilers.

The way Shikamaru used strategy to defeat Temari and the fact that you learn he's a super-genius during that battle makes it the battle that made Shikamaru one of my favorite characters. It was great how Shikamaru forfeited in the end, and how the reasons he gave got him promoted to chuunin.


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Hmmmm I could have sworn a thread like this was done already. So far I would have to say just about every fight I have saw in the exams. The only ones I don't like are the with Naruto's and Kinos and the one where the Cousins fought. Every thing else seemed to have been intense.
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