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Favorite fast food joint?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Lots of fast food joints out there. I try to avoid most of them because it's just not healthy enough for you. But, some times I bite the bullet because I'm just too lazy to cook something.

If I had to choose one I have to go with Five Guys. Usually take a Cheeseburger, two patties, with Mayo, Green Peppers and Raw Onions. So damn good.

Subway is up there too. Just a notch below Five Guys.

It used to be McDonalds, but I rarely eat that these days.


New Member
Chipotle.... love it. Five Guys is good to but because I'm in Toronto I got spoiled by Burger Priest. Better burgers then FG and cheaper.


New Member
Re: Favorite fast food?

I worship Johnny's hamburgers at the corner of Victoria Park and Sheppard in Scarbrough (Toronto).. this is not just a great burger it's a orgasim in a bun. they also have great fries and crazy, steak sandwishes and sluvaki on a bun.

Johnny's is my fav place to eat anywhere on the planet.

next is Poutine La Banquise in Montreal on Rachel street. Best Poutine in Montreal and probably anywhere.


New Member
Subway is my go to, but if I'm not going to be at work, bar or a date. I am a sucker for schwarma/garlic potatoes. Man I could eat those things all damn day.

In terms of pure, greasey fast food, McDicks is a classic (rarely eat there) and as I discovered again last night, the chicken at KFC is amazing (only had two bites but it wa heaven)


Registered Member
I prefer Quiznos over Subway for my submarine sandwiches. Quiznos is expensive though, but I have a weakness for that chicken carbonara sandwich.

Popeye's > KFC by a mile!

In-n-Out burger is very good, but exists only on west coast of USA.


New Member
I don't really have a favorite fast food restaurant. I have least favorites, though. That would be Chick-Fil-A.

Also, if there were one food that Americans would adopt, I'd want it to be Poutine. Never had it literally, but I have had Cheese Fries with Gravy. A lot. Y'all hit the nail on the head with that one.


New Member
I eat Subway all the time. Seriously, an embarrassing number of times a week. But I don't really consider it fast food.
Nothing beats McDonalds nuggets and fries. A&W chubby chicken comes close. As does Wendy's spicy chicken.
And I must agree Popeyes >>>>>>> KFC.

Oh shit, how could I forget Licks and Harveys. Only places I'll get hot dogs and/or hamburgers from.


rainbow 11!
five guys, hands down. it's my go to for a burger. I won't get beef anywhere else. well, taco bell but I don't count that as beef.


Registered Member
It really depends on my mood to be honest. I don't eat fast food very often (I'd say maybe twice a month, and that's only cause I travel a lot so sometimes it's just easier to grab some fast food), but my preferences are Five Guys or Chipotle, but McDonald's and Taco Bell suffice too if my two preferences aren't readily available. But when I'm in Canada, nothing beats New York Fries.