Favorite fashion era?

Which was your favorite?

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For the sake if simplicity let's stick to the 1900's, it'll still give you a nice range of choices.
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I voted other. I like the "mod" look of the late 70's/80's we had here in Britain. Lambretta scooters and suits.

I also like the Duran Duran look of the 80's, that's part of the reason i wear eyeliner with suits.


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I don't think I really have a favorite. I mean if you think about it each has its own purpose but I didn't particular think any of them stood out to be better than any other. Growing up just give me jeans and a t-shirt and I'm fine. Heck, give me jeans or more rather shorts and a t-shirt now I'm great. No shoes though, I can't stand shoes personally.


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60's. I would have loved to be a part of it. The clothes and hair were so hip!


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I love the classic beauty of the 50's.

That being said, I love how today's fashion integrates a wide range of styles from the 50s up through the 90s, we really have so many more options available then we have in the past, there's something out there for everyone.
90's grunge I guess. The only clothes I own are jeans, t-shirts, hoodies and 1 waterproof jacket (other than socks and undies obviously).