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Favorite everyday charities


Registered Member
This can go in a variety of categories, but I figure since shopping is where most of these will be encountered, might as well put it here. Move it where you want if you want, I guess based on the way it develops, maybe.

Anyone got any favorite everyday charities that you like to contribute to by buying or consuming some items rather than others?

Or maybe it's not in shopping but other charity-related choices. It's pretty open-ended and I'm hoping people can learn about things that are available out there they they wouldn't be otherwise.

Here's one I do pretty much every day:


from buying the cups that have these on top:

I also try to buy these bars over others whenever possible, but have only found them consistently at Whole Foods:

There are probably more that I can't think of right now, but those are the most frequent ones right now. I think playing the lottery also counts, but I haven't done that in a great long time.

Put anything like this you do or any ideas here. Also not a bad one to sticky, in case this section of the forum gets swamped.