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Hey I don't know about you guys but I'm a big CSI fan and I want to ask you who watch the show which one is your favorite.


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The original all the way. I can't stand Miami and I haven't seen New York, but I really want to. I may buy the first season to see how it is.


I really liked the original also, I think it was the most interesting... and I don't really watch the new ones anymore.


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I like the original one...

CSI Miami is my second fave and I hate CSI NY..

I wonder what show will be next...CSI LA


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Ironic, CSI Vegas is shot in LA. I've heard maybe London next.

CSI Vegas is the only one that has depth in plot and characters. CSI Miami looks good in HD though, and I watch it with my dad because he grew up there. CSI NY is too much like all the other crime shows set in NY (Law and Order, NYPD Blue, etc.) and CSI Miami is just Miami Vice twenty years later.
I also like the original.

I watch both NY and Miami as well as the original, but CSI just get's you more into the lives of the workers. NY does too, but not as much as well all love Grisome.