Favorite Cookie?

Favorite Cookie?

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The most popular cookies in the world according to TIME magazine are:

1. Oreos: $519 million a year

2. Chips Ahoy: $347 million

3. Chips Deluxe: $160 million

4. Newtons: $137 million

5. Fudge Shoppe: $127 million

Which of these do you like the best?

Time For Kids | Classroom | World Report | Top 5 Cookie Brands

I'm going with Oreos. I'm not surprised to see they are #1 either. They are so good. :D


Son of Liberty
Chips Ahoy!

I can get so carried away with them. We seriously have to keep them out of the house 'cause I'll go on a straight up bender for 'em at night. They'll wake up to find me with laying in a corner with a cookie laying on my arm, a trail of soggy cookie and milk dripping from the side of my mouth and my eyes rolled up in my head.... the ultimate sugar coma!

I've never been into Oreos... I dont like their after taste, to waxy for me. Newtons are good, but just dont mix with Milk, plus that dough stuff sticks to the roof of my mouth. I'm not sure what the Fudge Shop is.


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I have to go with Chips Ahoy as well, I put them in the microwave before eatting them thouh, because I like them better when there hot and when it kind of melts in your mouth.

But I like Chunks Ahoy better because the chocolate chips are bigger.


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they're all really good. Chips ahoy is awesome though, as well as chips deluxe, chocolate chip cookies are my favorite especially when they're done right.


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My fav storebought cookie is actually Grasshoppers, but since that isn't on the list Newtons are a close second. They are especially good after left in a hot car for a day, they are all warm and soft. Mmmmmm.

I don't mind the cookie part of Oreo's but I don't like the filling.