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Favorite Comic Book Hero?


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Staff member
So who's your favorite comic book hero and why?

For the longest time mine was Spiderman, but after the movies have been coming out and after seeing the new "Batman Begins" I've switched sides. Marvel has some solid characters but now I'm a DC/Batman fan. I read Spiderman and Batman comics growing up and always liked both. I also liked some of the X-Men comics but didn't read enough of those to keep up on everything.

The funny thing about Batman is that his "superpower" seems to simply be the fact that he is endlessly wealthy. So hey, Batman could be real. One day we'll see a real life Batman out saving the day.

Then a few days later he will be arrested and sued for something stupid. Then we'll find out his secret identity is Bill Gates.

Ok maybe not so much, but, I do like Batman quite a bit now. So who's your favorite and why?


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Hmm... Gotta go with Gambit on this one. Hes one of the most random heroes. A thief, native to New Orleans? Who comes up with that? Keeps to himself, and possesses the ability to manipulate kinetic energy as well as limited hypnosis. He is also skilled in burglary, the use of a bo, card throwing, and hand-to-hand combat......According to Wikipedia, that is.
Ive always liked how cocky his is. Always ready for a fight.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
Batman is my favorite, by far. Dark and creepy. Lets not forget that he had his back broken and was out of action while the man who became Azreal was Batman.
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