Favorite college team


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What better way to start off the new college sports forum than a thread about your favorite team.

What's your favorite team? Do you cheer for different schools for different sports?

My favorite team is Ohio State, for every sport.


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Different schools for different sports, hell even different schools for different games.

I always cheer on Navy for the big Army / Navy game.

We have the Fresno State Bulldogs here, so I'll play the Homer card and Root for the home team even though we arent the greatest. Put on some good shows though especially what was it 2-3 years ago when we gave USC a run, that was good times.

As far as the big colleges I've always liked Michigan for Football and Boston University for Hockey even though they need a jersey makeover.

I'm not a huge fan of the Southern teams for some odd reason, I'd much rather watch a Mountain West game than the SEC. Not sure why but thats just me.

Thats about all I have to say :)

Although, I do root for Fresno State for baseball, just because I have a few friends that play(ed) there.


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I really do not have a team I am a fan of for college football. College football's atmosphere is awesome but players change too frequently and talented players leave for the NFL early. I also hate the BCS and all the statistics are inflated ridiculously. It's probably why I enjoy the NFL so much there are more games, there is solid defense, players tend to stay with their teams longer, i love the playoffs etc.

However I do enjoy college basketball! There are less games, I love march madness, and there is DEFENSE. NBA games are too long and it looks like no one is trying out there and there are simply too many games.

My favorite college basketball programs are the following , Wake Forest, UCONN, Kansas, and Xavier.
Ohio State all the way. I will also say that when it comes to college basketball, I am also partial to Wright State University because my dad went there and for the longest time had season tickets for basketball.


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Ironically Ohio State is one of my least favorite teams in the NCAA. I also hate Miami, and Duke.


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You're an anti-fan. You probably just hate that everyone in Ohio love them.
Probably that is the main motivation.

For example you can hate the Cleveland Browns or Indians. But if you hate or dislike Ohio State it is sacrilegious. I hate the people who harass you about it.

I also do not like how they take talent from the smaller schools because they have such a large draw. For example everyone flocked to Ohio State when Oden committed there.

So yeah I am an anti-fan but there are other smaller reasons.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I also do not like how they take talent from the smaller schools because they have such a large draw. For example everyone flocked to Ohio State when Oden committed there.
That happens at every major program. It's just part of recruiting. But one of the things about Ohio State that's different from a lot of the other schools is that they get most of their players from their home state.


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When it comes to College Basketball I chear for the Tarheels, I've been following them since 1995. Also some of my favorite players played for that team. Vince Carter and Michael Jordan, being my two favorites.

When it comes to football, I usually cheer for Texas, I've always liked there program. But unfourtunately I dont want much College Football, because they dont show a lot of games in Canada.