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Favorite Coin


New Member
I have collected coins for years and work as a coin dealer but my favourite coin seems to keep changing. At the moment its the Victoria Young Head Penny I think its simple and elegant design is perfect. What's your favourite coin and do you change your mind often like me?


Registered Member
I'm more into precious metals than coins but I have a few. My favorite is the private mint liberty dollar as it has quite a story behind it.


Well-Known Member
I have a Morgan Silver Dollar from 1879. It's in great shape, definitely my favorite coin.

The design of the coin is just beautiful (not to mention the fact that it's worth quite a bit of money.)



Creeping On You
For the longest time, I had a penny from like 1905 or something like that. Over a century old though by this point in time. I have no idea where it went though, but I always figured it was super cool. Granted it probably wasn't worth more than a cent, but it was still cool to have something so old. Imagine someone held that coin way back before some of the methods to create coins were invented.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I wish to someday be more versed in coins but for right now I am not. I think the coolest one I can remember was I had a penny that was silver...in color, of course. It was like a normal penny but was the wrong color. To this day I have no idea why it was like that.