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Favorite Coffee Chain


Registered Member
What's your favorite coffee chain?

Mine is Caribou Coffee. I used to live in Minnesota and would go their everyday on the way to work for my latte and muffin. Even drove off one morning with the coffee on my roof, barely awake. I liked the atmosphere of their stores too, with comfy couches and a real fireplace.

Now I'm living back in Canada where there is no Caribou Coffee - just Starbucks or local chains. So I no longer have a favorite ... :(


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Staff member
I don't drink a lot of coffee, but Starbucks comes to mind. Actually I am meeting someone at Starbucks tomorrow morning. I do like it though, and it's really the only coffee chain I go to, even if it's not very often.


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all we have around here are dutch brothers and starbucks. I go to dutch brothers alot more often. mainly because I like the atmosphere (employee's are excellent with my daughter) :) This one guy will always take interest in what kind of day she is having. my daughter is a really social person and alot of people don't seem to know how to talk to children. (some people act like they are from outer space.) : ) So anyway that is why I go there more often at this point


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Aren't kids from outer space? Darn ... there's another dream gone :) Just kidding, bunny ... i like kids ... other people's kids that is hehehe

No Caribou Coffee in Colorado, Andrew? I would have thought they'd be there. They just did a sweet deal where they honored some Starbucks coupons that Starbucks pulled at the last minute because they were too good of a deal somehow. I don't recall all the details, but it's the kind of thing I'd expect them to do. Great place and great coffee.

If I don't hit the Starbucks here, the only other option is Serious Coffee (really bad) or just regular old coffee (but excellent) at Tim Hortons (best donuts in the world ... there's even an outlet in Kandahar on the air base).


New Member
that's kind of hard to say. but i usually go t starbucks. i know its not the best out there, but that pretty much all the choices were i live.


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I know I'll take crap for this, but I actually like Dunkin Donuts coffee!


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I go to Starbucks a lot, but it's definitely not my favorite place to get coffee. My absolute favorite was a place in Canada called Second Cup, but we don't have one here. I usually go to this local coffee shop here, I know the owners and a lot of my friends hang out there.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
None! :mad:

I won't pay that much for a cup of coffee flavored coffee.
I brew my own. It's cheaper, and better...

I don't need their cup to be in style, I have my own style..

Don't be a lemming....


New Member
I heard this in a stand-up show: Starbucks slogan should be "It's really expensive. BUT the line IS long."


I don't drink coffee that much, but when I do, I agree with Nightsurfer. I would rathar just make my own instead of waiting in a long line just to pay alot of money for a little coffee. but hey, that's just me :cool: