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TV Favorite character from these Sitcoms


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Alright! I am going to list a bunch of sitcoms and you guys have to tell me your favorite character from that show. If you don't one just skip it, but please have at least five of them if your going to reply to this thread.

-All in the Family
-Three's Company
-I love Lucy
-Laverne and Shirley
-Happy days
-The Barney Miller Show
-Sanford and Son
-The Jeffersons
-Gilligan's Island
-Get Smart
-The Dick Van Dyke Show
-The Cosby Show
-Magnum P.I
-Miami Vice
-Married with Children
-Golden Girls

That's a good list for now, I might add some later.


Registered Member
-All in the Family - Archie Bunker
-Cheers - Carla Tortelli
-Three's Company - Mrs. Roper
-Taxi - Louie De Palma
-I love Lucy - Fred Mertz
-MASH - "Hot Lips"
-Laverne and Shirley - Laverne
-Happy days - Pinky Tuscadero
-Sanford and Son - Aunt Esther
-The Jeffersons - George Jefferson
-Gilligan's Island - "The Professor"
-The Cosby Show - Bill Cosby
-Magnum P.I - Magnum, of course! ;p
-Miami Vice - "Crockett"
-Married with Children - Al Bundy
-Golden Girls - Sophia Petrillo


It's not me, it's you.
-Cheers - Cliff
-Seinfeld - George
-The Cosby Show - Rudy & Theo
-Married with Children - Al
-Golden Girls - Sophia

I didn't think I was going to meet the minimum requirement, for a second there.


Son of Liberty
-All in the Family- Archie Bunker
-Cheers- Sam Malone
-Seinfeld- Kramer
-Three's Company- Jack
-Taxi- Louie De Palma
-I love Lucy- Ricky Ricardo
-Laverne and Shirley-tie, Lenny and Squiggy
-Happy days- The Fonz
-Sanford and Son- Fred Sanford
-The Jeffersons- George Jefferson
-Gilligan's Island- MaryAnn:love:
-The Cosby Show- Dr. Huxtable
-Married with Children- Al Bundy


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Here are my selections:

-All in the Family: Archie Bunker
-Cheers: Cliff Claven
-Seinfeld: George Constanza
-Honeymooners: Ralph Kramden
-Three's Company: Mr. Roper
-Taxi: Louie and Jim
-I love Lucy: Ricky Richardo
-Laverne and Shirley: Laverne
-Happy days: The Fonz
-The Barney Miller Show: Barney Miller
-Sanford and Son: Fred Sandford
-The Jeffersons: George Jefferson
-Gilligan's Island: Gilligan
-Get Smart: Maxwell Smart
-The Dick Van Dyke Show: Rob Petrie
-The Cosby Show: Dr Huxtable
-Magnum P.I: Magnum
-Married with Children: Al bundy
-Golden Girls: Rose


still nobody's bitch
-All in the Family - Edith
-Cheers - Woody
-Seinfeld - Kramer
-Three's Company - Mrs. Roper
-Taxi - Louie
-I love Lucy - Fred
-MASH - Hawkeye
-Laverne and Shirley - Laverne
-Happy days - Fonzie
-The Barney Miller Show - Fish
-Sanford and Son - Fred Sanford
-The Jeffersons - Mr. Bentley
-Gilligan's Island - The Professor
-The Cosby Show - Theo
-Married with Children - Al Bundy
-Golden Girls - Rose


Registered Member
DUDE these shows are pretty old....
heres the ones I even KNOW

-Seinfeld - Kramer
-I love Lucy - Lucy
-Happy days - Fonzie
-Gilligan's Island - The Skipper
-Married with Children - Al Bundy

...wow I feel like a TV noob :D


Survived a M&G with Trent
-All in the Family-Edith
-Three's Company-Jack
-I Love Lucy-Lucy
-Laverne and Shirley-Laverne
-Happy Days-Richie
-The Barney Miller Show-n/a
-Sanford and Son-Fred
-The Jeffersons-Florence
-Gilligan's Island-Scientist (?)
-Get Smart-Max
-The Dick Van Dyke Show-Dick Van Dyke
-The Cosby Show-Clair
-Magnum P.I.-n/a
-Miami Vice-n/a
-Married with Children-Al / Bud
-Golden Girls-Dorothy / Blanche


Registered Member
Gilligan's Island - Gilligan
Golden Girls - Sophia
I Love Lucy - Lucy Ricardo
Married With Children - Al Bundy
Seinfeld - Kramer
Three's Company - Jack Tripper


"Expect the unexpected"
-All in the Family.............Archie Bunker
-Three's Company...........Jack
-I love Lucy...................Lucy
-Laverne and Shirley........Laverne
-Sanford and Son............Sanford
-The Jeffersons...............George
-The Cosby Show............Bill Cosby
-Golden Girls...................Rose