TV Favorite Cartoon character?


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Who's your favorite cartoon character?

For me it's Bugs Bunny, I was always a fan of the Bugs Bunny Show, and always loved it when they showed Bugs Bunny, he's entertaining, and quite funny at times. I also have to go with Micky, he's a classic character and his shows are awesome and very well done.



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Mine is Tom from Tom and Jerry. I don't really know why I liked him, but I always wanted him to catch Jerry even though I knew he never would.


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Delivery boy first class Phillip J. Fry. I just see a lot of myself in the dude.


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I've always been of fan of Tom and Jerry as well, but I prefer Jerry over Tom, I think he's more enteraining. Another character that I would like to add is Raphael from TMNT, I think he was cool, and he was alway the serious one, I liked him a lot.


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It's between Tom and jerry. I identify them as one character. =l

It amazed me how they could represent every single action with a musical instrument, except for the occasional yell/scream.


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I loved the looney tunes cartoons growing up. I would have to say my favorite cartoon character is Willy Cyotoe. He is so fun, everything happens to him, but he has never given up. All for a bird. Just go to KFC.
I guess it'd actually be an anime character for me. Akari Mizunash from Aria.

But only counting like, american cartoons it's kind of a toss up between Iroh from Avatar, Mojo Jojo from Powerpuff Girls, and Tigger


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I liked Chance from SWAT Kats, he was just so awesome and cool. He was the pilor of the jet and kicked butt, plus his tail swished, lol.