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Favorite Card.



This one is pretty obvious to turbo but I'd say these 2 dragons:

Devil King Dragon-Vandalgion AND Destruction Dragon-Gandora

Both cards are in JPN only...gandora being a removal version ov Chaos Dragon and Vandalgion having 3 effects dependant on what your counter traps nuke as well as being able to be summoned from the hand with a successful counter trap negation! Their card art also kicks arse...the best I've seen thus far (take note that Vandalgion is THE first card art done by the creator ov the Yugioh Anime series!)


Whoa favourite CARD? That is really tough, I have a lot of favourite cards, and reasons for them...but if I really had to pick my one favourite card....It would be a tie between several.

Toon World-Reflects my personality when I first meet you. Happy and Animated.
Kurboh, Kuriboh Brothers, Winged Kuriboh, Lv10-Shows me! Destructive and fun!
Thousand Eyes Restrict(relinquished)-Just be a good person, and you won't have to know why this is in my personality........
This is it for my favourite card(s)...it had that little s in there right?


Registered Member
My favorite card is Fiber Jar hands down. THe runner up is Black Luster Soldier - Envoy Of The Beginning.

!sTrIkE nInJa!

I like strike ninja for his kick "butt" art and his amazing effect. i just love that intangible field presence plus rftdd after a couple of removes with strike ninja is just sick. :D

EDIT: Try to read the rules.


rescue cat hands down the effect is good and it looks so cute

(dang i let my girl girl tendenceis get the best of me)


Registered Member
Dark Dust Spirit

an over all cool monster with an effect that kills almost any monster in the game. It was Leviadragon before Leviadragon knew what was up. Well aside from the m/t destruction of course. A Swords of Revealing Light + Giant Trunade + DDS = 2200 direct attack unless you have a special summon monster (like Gigantes) or use Last Will before tributing for DDS to pull a Inhection Fairy Lily.


My fave. card is Sacred Phoenix of Nepthys. I made a deck around it just for fun.


My favorite card is Nible Momonga. He's my favorite because he's the awsomest... j/k. Really though he's my favorite because he's a flying squirel and squirrels are my favorite animal :D
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