Favorite Card.


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What are you guys and gals favorite yugioh card mine is Exarion Universe but I like alot of cards. Cause his picture is awesome and has a really good effect.
Please explain why he is your favorite...everyone else too please ^_^ I just am curious...not really a rule.

Mine would have to be my old pal Maurading Captain...he has kicked so much ass. I am a warrior duelist at heart. I mean, a summon as well as a special summon with protection. Also, 2 on the field...no battle deaths...muwahahahah.
Lol, np. I am not trying to be a hardass...well...not YET anyway xD

Just want to keep the spam to a minimum...alot of people will just come through posting the card name and run away -__-;;


my favorite card would have to be silent swordsman lv5 because that is the one main point of my deck plus he looks kool and his effect just makes all the ppl at my local tourny hate me when I play him. ;D

Ragnarok General

Well I am a man with Lady Luck on my side so I would have to say Blowback Dragon. I mean he is awesome and when I use his effect I get to make a charge up noise and preend to fire off rounds at my opponent.


My favorite card would have to be Mokey Mokey. Yeah he owns. He has his
own support cards AND a fusion! Mokey Mokey just rocks!
Um...the greatest card in the game of course??? WABOKU. hehe :D

Fav card cus you can activate it in damn near any situation and it will actually help you that turn.


Mine is Compuslory Evacuation Device two reasons why 1. its effect is cool for offense and defense. and 2. i some times mispronouce the word Evacuation to mean something else. my friends most feared card is Gokipon cuz i madea insect deck and i beat him with it when i have gravity bidn on the field and i just keep killing monsters with juiced up gokipon so don't pick any other favorite card TurboniumNY the first will be your lifesaver.