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I love car chases in movies, there's so many to choose from, but if you guys had to pick one of them, what car chase would that be? For me it's the car chase in Gone in Sixty seconds, the one with Nicholas Cage not the original. I just love how long it is, and the sound of the car, and when the hellicopter is following it, and he just puts on the nitrus is so cool.

Another one that I enjoy is the one from the Rock, and Nicholas Cage is chasing Sean Connery, that one is awesome as well.

What about you guys?


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My all time favorite is the chase in the original Gone In 60 Seconds. H. B. Halicki is a legend and the things he put that car through are amazing. It still runs today! 40 minute car chase through 5 cities. So entertaining to watch and it's just a great damn car chase. The Junkman was pretty cool too. That whole movie was a car chase.


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I would have to say the Bond chase in Tomorrow never dies is the best I've seen. That or the one from oceans twelve, where they are under the road in the tunnels. It's a toss up.


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I heard that the original car chase from Gone in 60 seconds is pretty awesome as well. I have the movie but I never had the chance to look at it yet.

The car chase in Terminator three is pretty sick as well, it's long and has lots of action in the car scene.

There's a lot of great car chases out there, and I love most of them.
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