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  1. I have a few Bankai Techniques that I like. In general, I like all that I've seen. My top favorite is Byakuya's. Then there's Tousen's and also Hitsugaya's Bankai. Their techniques are pretty bad ass.

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    HEY! >:O you just too BOTH of mine.. -_- anyways.. the two that i like are Byakuya's and Toushirou's. i love the way its surrounded by the swords =D and i think toushirou's is just plain awesome ^-^
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    Alot of Bankai's were sweet.

    Clearly Ichigo's was the most badass. Also the Ice Captian. The short white haired kid cant think of his name.
  4. You're talking about Toushiro Hitsugaya. His techniques are one of my favorites also. Ichigo's Bankai is awesome too, but I have a feeling that we will se a bit often. I'm interested to to see what Urahara's Bankai looks like because I know he's reached his.
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    Ive only seen Ichigo's Bankai 2 times i think. Once during the Soul Society arc against rukias bro-in-law. And in the OVA Sealed Sword Frenzy.
  6. Sealed Sword Frenzy was pretty tight. I think that guy, what was his name, Baishin I think he had a bad ass Bankai too. That was a very dangerous man. He must've went insane after he somehow fused with his Zanpakutou.

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