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Whose avatar is your favorite?

I really like DLFerguson's avatar, it's a cool b/w picture of an iron worker. I also love EX's current av.


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If I had put a different Link on mine then it would definitely be mine (also my original huge dataDyne logo was great) but for the moment my favorite is Steve's.

here's my dataDyne logo for those of you who are interested, it actually says dDave on it,

yes it's homemade.....

I'm not gonna switch back to this one for a while though, but I will definitely get a new Link cause the one I have right now looks like a girl, echoes is right.

You will definitely be seeing this one in the future though.
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I like Dave's, but I'd like it better if he used a different Link. I also like Echoes' for obvious reasons. Hybrix's new one is cool, too. He also gets 100% credit for my avatar, I only supplied the alien (it had fire coming from the top, too).


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Is the alien possibly a Maian from Perfect Dark? It looks just like one and that's all i can think of when I look at it.


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I used my own alien for your actually Steve... Same one I used in the award logos. ;)

All this talk of cool avatars has inspired me to raise the bar a bit. I have a new one as of this post. It's hand drawn, including the map in the background which I made in 300 dpi.

Forget member of the month. I want an avatar of the month contest. I don't care if I win. Only as long as one of the avatars I made wins. ;)