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Favorite Art Styles


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So, it's been awhile since I've been around... First off, Hi everyone. Alright on to the thread. The art styles are for you to pick. No mater if it's abstract, anthro, concrete, macabre, anyting... It can be more than one. Mine would vary.. but I'm into anthro


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I like abstract style but something along the impressionist and expressionist movement and not cubism, for example.


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Installation art is my favorite.


scientia potestas est
I enjoy a kinds of art. Everything from Renaissance works to modern art. Right now I'm really into Netherlandish art from the 1700s.


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I enjoy lots of different types of art whether it's music, writing, paintings, drawings, photography, etc.

Well anyway as far as visual arts go I think that my favorite types would be Photography, Sculpting, and drawing, maybe a bit of video stuff in there too.


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I like most art styles, but I guess my favourite is symbolism, surrealism. Take Salvador Dali for example. His work is brilliant.


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Fantasy art is my favorite,Boris Vallejo,Julie Bell,and Luis Royo are fantastic artists and i really like there style.


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For me, I love abstract art with relief. It can be associated with urban art.
Also, I enjoy when art is made on urban supports, not only on a cloth.

In Paris, I'll see an exposition of an french artist named Nasty the 14th February (Valentine's day). I like it.