Favorite and Least Favorite School Projects?


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What were your favorite and least favorite school projects?

Things like Science Fair projects, group projects, etc.

I think my favorite was writing and acting out a script with a group of people. It's fun to see things like that go from concept to reality.

Least favorite would probably have been a 50 page research paper I had to do (in sections) in 5th grade. That seems like a huge assignment even for college, and yet I was doing it in 5th grade. :mad:


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I hate writing papers. As much as I love English class, papers really bring my grade down. Especially book reports. My favorite type of thing to do is any group project with friends.


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I very much disliked my science fair. I've never really liked designing experiments and the like, so my project was boring to make and got a low mark probably because of my ambivalence.

In seventh grade we did a project called Create-A-Continent. We had to produce a poster showing a fictional continent, with all the geographic features one would expect on a continent. I did one with four islands shaped like Tetris Pieces, each colored brightly with cities like "Pajintov".


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Oh god, what projects did I actually like? I hated anything where I had to write a paper or give a presentation. Most group projects sucked. I don't know. I guess I liked the ones where I got to build something or make a poster (well, I didn't really like them, but they're better than the other ones).


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I've got a experiment going on on my kitchen counter right now. I am taking A&P online and this weeks lab has me removing egg shells by letting them sit in vinegar. Gross!


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I did a research project on the effects of violent gaming on kids and it was a lot of fun. I read two books for it, one supporting and one opposing. Needless to say, the one supporting the idea that violent games create violent children was a terrible read and consisted mostly of factless fear mongering.


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In HighSchool I prefer group projects involving putting up a concert or a variety show. In college, I like all my Psychology projects/experiments and immersion in cultures to study people.


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I hated to do projects that involve Oral Presentations. I couldn't stand going in front of the class an explaining my project to everyone.

My favorites are the ones that the teacher let you choose your own topic. So usually I would take something that involves sports. Which was very entertaining for me.