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Poll Favorite Alien movie?

What is your favorite Alien movie?

  • Alien 3

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  • Alien: Resurrection

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  • Prometheus

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  • Alien Covenant

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Ridley Scott's Alien franchise is one of the biggest in Hollywood history. These days it's considered a classic.

The first 2 films, Alien and Aliens, respectively. Are dramatically different movies, one is very much a horror movie and the other is a thriller.

I recently saw these movies for the first time.

I think Aliens is probably my favorite. That movie was just SO uncomfortable to watch and that made it awesome. Kept me very focused for the whole film. Brilliant writing and pacing alongside pretty convincing acting (including Bill Paxton!)

Anyone else like the Alien movies?

*AVP excluded intentionally due to franchise crossover

Interested to hear thoughts from @grimcomedy and @Mirage