Favorite Albums of '09


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So what are your favorite albums so far this year? Nothing really blew my mind, but my top two would probably be Merriweather Post Pavilion by Animal Collective and Satanic Satanists by Portugal. The Man. Mostly, sadly, on the virtue of a handful of songs from them, but this year just hasn't seemed excellent for music, which is why I started this thread to see if there's anything I might have overlooked.

YouTube - Animal Collective - My Girls

YouTube - 'People Say' - Portugal. The Man

The best hip-hop CD to come out this year. Nothing even came close.

It wasn't better than their last two CDs, but wasn't a huge let down (like Three Days Grace) either.

In my eyes, the best CD/EP to come out this year. Most people don't like Joe Budden, or even his genre of music.... but I do. Ha.


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Five Finger Death Punch - War is the Answer

Fucking amazing album. It convinced me to consider them my number one band.

YouTube - Five Finger Death Punch - HARD To See - Official
I have to agree with Cons here. For me, this has been the only album of '09 that I have actually bought a copy of, rather than just downloaded a couple songs of.

I even managed to get my mum hooked on them. She loves them and plays them even louder than I do :lol:


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I'm goin to third "War is the Answer" from Five Finger Death Punch.

Other than that I cant think of to many great albums that were released this year. The only other two albums that I got that might make the list would have been:

Hurt - "Goodbye to the machines"

and Eminem's "Relapse"

I even managed to get my mum hooked on them. She loves them and plays them even louder than I do :lol:
hahaha you know whats funny is my mom is really into FFDP to. They came to town here a while back and one of my sisters friends had backstage passes. He brought back a FFDP iron on Patch signed by every member of the band :hah: My mom was stoked hahahaha.


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1. Peste Noire - Ballade cuntre lo anemi francor
YouTube - Peste Noire - La mesniee mordrissoire

Totally ****ed up, but simply awesome riffs and full of energy.

2. Rome - Flowers from exile
YouTube - Rome - A Legacy Of Unrest

3. Senmuth - Akhet Mery Ra
YouTube - Senmuth - Narmer

I've been following this artist for a few years now, it's till rather obscure and unknown, but I'm thinking 2010 will be the year of his big breakthrough.
And the amazing thing is.. he releases one album each month.. for free download.


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Goat, what are your favorite tracks from Relapse? And are you looking forward to Relapse 2?
Yes I am looking forward to Relapse 2. When does it come out? A while back I was looking at a list of future Album Releases and saw it on there but forgot to make a mental note of it.

Eminem is weird to me because he has Albums that IMO are just flat out fantastic. Then he has others that I cant stand. A great example is the Marshall Mathers LP. Just a fantastic Album, I love literally every track on it. But then theres Encore.... Lets just say I bought that one and gave it away because of the disappointment.

Relapse happened to be one of the great CD's of his. I would say I like pretty much every track on it. My top 5 favorites are these (in order):

  1. Underground
  2. Stay Wide Awake
  3. Hello
  4. Insane
  5. Deja Vu