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Nintendo 64 Fav Weapons?


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What were your favorite weapons in PD?

1. Falcon x2

I loved the Double Falcons.. made for some satisfying kills... I could do better with it than most autos.

2. Rocket Launcher

The controllable rocket was an awesome feature.. added a lot to the game.

3. Superdragon

Loads of grenades to lauch.. this weapon was high up on the power chart. The proximity option was pretty cool too.


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I love the K7 Avenger. Can never get enough of it. If you've got the skill and control enough to shoot for accuracy and change clips well, it can't be beat. It's still a little tough for me though. My instinct is to take many high percentage shots instead of a few quick accurate ones, but I know that I should be having higher standards and challenge myself, so stepping up from laptop to avenger is exactly the kind of change that makes me be the player that I need to be.


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I used the gameshark weapons mod and made myself a set of silenced and scoped Falcon 2's. Those were my favorite wepaons for a long time.
It's hard to pick, but I think I like the Dragon the most. Nice clip size, good accuracy, decent damage, and when you run out of ammo you can throw it as a proxy mine.

I also made a few of my own weapons with a GameShark. If I remember correctly, I made a shotgun that fired at the rate of a Dragon with a secondary function of explosive shells.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
My favorite weapons are dual Falcon 2's either with scopes or without, the Dragon, mostly because of of the proxy self-destruct, and the AR-34 because of its combination of power and accuracy, and if I remember correctly, it has a larger magazine than the K7 Avenger.
I think it's strange how everybody always chooses the Falcon as one of their favorites, or as their absolute favorite. Yeah, they are the best pistols, and choosing between silenced, scoped, or neither is nice, but they really can't compare to any other non-pistol weapon in the game. When it comes to picking a favorite I'd expect to see more interesting choices, like the Slayer or Laptop Gun. It is undoubtedly more fun to guide a rocket throughout a level than it is to fire a pistol.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
I think pistols are fun because they take more skill to use than the bigger, more powerful automatic weapons. Of course you're not going to win a one-on-one battle against a K7 Avenger or something, but I don't think the best weapons are necessarily always the most fun.
Yeah, I see your point. I just think it's strange that someone would prefer shooting a pistol over flying a rocket.
One thing I really like about pistols is how, in slow motion, you can fire it as fast as you can pull the trigger, whereas automatics fire at a certain rate. A pistol can give you a big advantage in slow motion.


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Pistols are cool compared to the more freaky looking weapons such as the reaper or Magsec thing. I like having double regular pistols, because then you get the full feel of shooting the target whereas the silencers feel empty when you shoot them and the scoped ones are tempting to stop and scope. They're cool, but I still prefer automatics, specifically laptop and avenger.

Also, do the pistols reload at the same rate in slow motion or are they slow like the automatics?

The dragon is cool generally, but I don't like using it all that much because (1) it shoots at a slower rate or something and kills the target much slower than other automatics, and (2) using it as a proximity mine is cheap if you're not already using proximity mines in the match, and (3) the superdragon has a grenade launcher and feels better to fire, and is otherwise about the same as the dragon.
The reload for pistols is how it normally would be in slow motion. You only have control over the firing rate. It's a neat trick to pull on a friend. Activate a Combat Boost and rush into battle with a pistol. Then empty a clip (or two, in the case of doubles) into their head in the time it takes their automatic to fire 4 shots.

I see your points on the Dragon, and I do agree that its proxy function can be cheap, but hey, if it's in the match, you've got to be weary. Besides, if your friend dies to your Dragon proxy, he can always respawn and do the same to you.
As for the SuperDragon, yeah, you can't deny its superiority over the Dragon, but I hate using it. Sims always go nuts with it and shoot grenades all over the place. It's pretty good in the hands of a decent human player though.