Nintendo 64 Fav.Multy Set Up

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by GlodenBob788, Feb 4, 2006.

  1. GlodenBob788

    GlodenBob788 Registered Member

    Mine is ussaly

    Game Type:Normal



    Weapon Setting:Exoctic

    Characters:player1:Terriost,Player2:Bond,Player 3:Russian Soilder,Player 4:Severyna Speacil Force


    Health(ME 10-) every one else is 5+
    :) We have fun.

  2. Gamechamp

    Gamechamp Registered Member

    It's been a while, but it was usually mostly default, with heavy weapons, and in that level where it's snowy outside with a big facility. Can't remember the name. I just know I only ever played multiplayer with the same people, and I never got to choose the settings, so I mostly had to play like that.
  3. RossDude

    RossDude Beep

    Sniper Rifles at the Caves. This actually requires some stealth and sniping. If each player picks a dark character, it can be pretty tense, with shots ringing out from seemingly nowhere.

    Proxy mines at any level. I really prefer Bunker for this setup, but it's still fun at any level. The mines blend in with the walls and doors at Bunker, so you can hide them better.

    License to Kill at Felicity. I prefer this mode at Felicity because it's fun to surprise someone by shooting the Magnum through a door or window and killing them. Really the only time the Magnum is effective.
  4. Stevekid34

    Stevekid34 New Member


    Game Type:2 v.s. 2,Weapons:Atuo

    that is al I really remeber
  5. GlodenBob788

    GlodenBob788 Registered Member

    Dude,you are ussally playing with us.

    He isthe Severyna Speacil Force

    It's me,you,hexen,and Cyclone
  6. Absolute

    Absolute Registered Member

    4 Players

    It was all about the headshots with the magnum.

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