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Fav/Best Racing Games?


Haters gonna hate.
I was inspired by a recent YouTube video from one of the channels I am a subscriber of to ask this question...

What is your favorite Racing game, and what is the best racing game you have played?

Granted, not many of us are probably racing game fans, but from the ones that you have played, which are the best and/or your favorites?

For me it would have to be Mario Kart: Double Dash as my favorite, and Gran Turismo 4 as the best. Both of which I haven't been able to put down, even to this day when I decide to play them.


I am the woolrus
My favourite racing game as a kid was Rollcage. Those flip-over toy cars were all the rage at the time and put into the game with missiles and destroyable environments.... Epicness!! It's a game that i think would be really good to revamp for modern consoles. Supposedly a fan-made sequel/remake is in the works so we'll see if anything becomes of that...


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My favorite racing game of all time is NASCAR 06: Total Team Control. For me, it was by far the best NASCAR game and I loved the ability to be able to switch between teammates during the race to help move them to the front and I also loved the open-wheel cars.


My favorite racing game would definitely be one of the Mario Kart games. I used to have a an incredible amount of fun playing those games with my friends & family. The best racing game I've ever played? I'd probably go with Gran Turismo 3.


Sally Twit
I had a lot of fun playing Gran Turismo 4 on the PS2 many years ago.
I remember loving the music you could listen to while driving and some of the cars were so fast.

I have fond memories of it because my partner and I would play and try and get gold on everything as fast as we could. He would play at his house, I would play at mine and we'd talk over the phone haha.

I loved all of the challenges you could do on the side. It was fun.


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By far my favourite would be Grand Prix Legends

You can keep all your arcadey console racing games and give me a true skill racing sim like GPL anyday.

50's and 60's era F1 cars with massive power crappy tires and terrible brakes combined with a full damage model including the ability to damage your engine by overreving it.

This game took real skill and finesse to play and to do it right you needed a good quality steering wheel with a clutch, H Gate Shifter and force feedback.

You needed to be able to feather the clutch and actually feel what the back end was doing so you could balance the power right to get the best lap times.

I was even a member of an online racing league back in the day and this game still has a huge following now and is largely considered the best racing game ever made.
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Haters gonna hate.
I had a lot of fun playing Gran Turismo 4 on the PS2 many years ago.
I remember loving the music you could listen to while driving and some of the cars were so fast.
The music in it was pretty awesome, and was an adrenaline boost in itself.

That's another thing for me, I need good, fast music in racing games. It adds some more excitement!