Father's Day


So this is the thread about Father's Day.

Personally, I hate the day. It always comes RIGHT after something else big [[ like finals and graduation this year ]], so I never have time to plan something. I found a cute online card the other day and set it up to send on father's day, but it sent on the day i made it instead >.<

anyhow. what are your opinions on father's day? is it pointless? fun? as a father? as a kid? discuss here.


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I am not a fan of fabricated commercialized holidays.

Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day etc.

I have never been particularly fond of Father's day because it is so close to my B-day and my parents anniversary. My B-day sometimes gets completely overshadowed because of that.

It's fine to appreciate your parents. That's cool but you can do that every day. Designating a holiday for it, where I am nearly obligated to go out and buy something for my father, I see is just exploitation.


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A friend of mine says Father/Mother's Day for him is during his birthday (when he is reminded who brought him to the world and raised him).

My father wasn't really present when I was young (just my stepdad) so I have weird feelings about celebrating Father's Day those days. Now I don't even associate it with my father...I just think of my husband. My son likes preparing a "gift" for him for this day.


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Father's Day to me is just a little day to show appreciation for my father, more than the usual everyday stuff. It's pretty good to help make your father happy. Though mine looks forward to me being successful in life as more of a "giant" father's day gift.

Other than that it has absolutely no meaning to me what-so-ever in any sense.


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i dont like fathers day, or mothers day. my parents both just argue about how neither of them do anything for eachother on these days.
I like these types of holidays, too. Even though they ARE money makers for businesses, it forces me to go out and do something good for my dad. Spoil him a bit, show that I care and appreciate all that he's done for me. On any normal day I wouldn't do that type of stuff. I'm caught up in my own world, my own universe.

Yes, I know, I'm lazy. Blah. =O


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On any normal day I wouldn't do that type of stuff. I'm caught up in my own world, my own universe.
I think that's why us fathers enjoy having this holiday. As our kids get older and more self involved, it's nice to have them single out a day for us to say thanks. Not necessarily for the normal provisions we make for them, but for the extra miles we go to ensure a better life for them. My sons are pretty much the center of my wife's and my universe. It's nice to know they appreciate it.