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Fate (Age 13+ for language and other things of that nature)


The Super Pimp of GF
The character of this story may be named Brett but he has no relation to the Brett from my other stories but I hope you all like this as much as my other stories. I plan t0 have it combine romance, action and intrigue so wait for the coming chapters because they should be at least sort of entertaining.

Chapter 1 “The Callâ€Â
As Brett walked down the halls of his high school he reminisced about his first year there and his heart began to beat faster because he thought about not being here very soon. In a short two weeks he was going to be graduating and he would move on to college. He had a very low key social life during high school. He had a small group of close friends and he had a girlfriend for a short while. The one thing that stuck in his head was the girl that got away. She was everything he hoped for; beautiful, smart and kind. He asked her out three times and all three times he got rejected and told the same thing “I only see you as a friendâ€Â. Those words burned in Brett’s ears and he as a result became shut out to whatever girl liked him. Regardless of that he enjoyed his time there and was sad to leave. He pulled his car keys out of his pocket and made his way out of the building and walked toward his car. Out of no where someone walked up behind him and pulled his long brown hair. “Hey Brett what’s up!†He turned around to see that it was his friend Kate. She was the girl he had liked and despite his affections for her she still always seemed to want to hang out with him. “Kate I told you not to pull my hair! I have been trying to take care of it and not to mention that it hurts when you pull it.†She laughed and hit him on the back “Don’t get so riled up! So are we going to hang out this weekend? I was thinking we could go see a movie with Frank and Matt†Brett nodded and waved goodbye and proceeded to get into his car.
On his drive home he listened to his Breaking Benjamin CD and was getting pumped because tonight was Friday night and it was time to party. When he got home he saw that there was a message on the answering machine when he clicked it all he heard was static and the words “Fate†and “Darknessâ€Â. Brett shrugged it off and continued to get ready to go out for the night. While he was in the shower the phone rang and Brett had to jump out of the shower to get it because nobody else was home. When he answered it he heard the same noise he heard on the answering machine and recognized the voice of a man saying something but still all that Brett could make out was “Fate†and “Darknessâ€Â. Brett was freaked out but he thought to himself that he lived in a small town and it was probably just a prank from some kids. The time had finally come and it was time for Brett to head out to meet up with his friends. Earlier in the week he had made arrangements to go out with Dan, Rachel and Rachel’s boyfriend Rich. They met up at the food court in the mall and before they went to the dance club they decided to do some shopping. Brett sat outside each store and constantly thought of the weird phone calls and what they could mean. He didn’t dare bring it up with his friends because they would just call him crazy or paranoid. At the dance club the music was great and everyone was having an awesome time. As Dan walked off with some girl and Rachel and Rich made out Brett’s cell phone began to vibrate. He looked at the number and it was random characters and not numbers that were on the screen. He answered it and his heart began pulsing uncontrollably because it was the static again and this time he could make out more of the message this time he heard “Your Fate†and “Darkness of the†and then the other line went dead again. Brett was shaken up and decided he would go home and try to sleep it off.
He went straight to bed when he got home and all of the sudden all the phones in the house began to ring and they weren’t stopping. Even Brett’s cell phone was going crazy but nobody besides Brett could hear it or they were just sleeping through it. Brett picked up his cell phone and the same odd characters were on the phone again and Brett threw at the wall but the phone continued to ring. The phones wouldn’t stop they all continued to ring and ring and it seemed like they were getting louder but still nobody in his house was waking up. “What the hell is going on?!†Brett’s hand began to shake as he reached for the phone in his room and immediately after he picked up the ringing ceased. Brett’s began to sweat and his heart raced as he heard the static and this time the message was even clearer “Your Fate is†and also he could hear “power of the darkness of theâ€Â. The line once again went dead and Brett passed out from fear.

Chapter 2 “Things changeâ€Â
After that terrible night Brett woke up where he had passed out which was on his bedroom floor. During the entire morning he would freak out every time the phone would ring. Despite his fear he still managed to get ready to go out with Kate, Frank and Matt. As he was getting dressed the doorbell rang and when Brett emerged from his room he saw that it was the UPS guy. “Hello sir I have a package for Mr. Brett Henry. Please sign on the dotted line†Brett signed the clipboard and said goodbye to the UPS guy and made his way back into his room. He pried open the package with curiosity rising he thought “Why would I receive a package? All my family is coming up for my graduation so why would I receive a package?†When he opened it he saw that it was a small blue circular crystal that was about as big as a marble. “What a weird gift. I wonder who this is from†Brett reached for the packaging it had come it and was shocked to see that the name on it was his own. “What the hell? How could I have sent this to myself? I bet it was just someone who hadn’t sent a lot of packages so they put my name on the return to sender line.†Brett chucked the stone on the floor of his room with the other assorted items that were there and continued to get ready to go to the movies.
When he got to the movies he saw that Katie and Frank were there to meet him but Matt was nowhere to be seen “So where’s Matt†Kate and Frank looked confused “Who is Matt?†they said at the same time. Brett chuckled “You know Matt one of our best friends?†They looked even more puzzled “Brett are you feeling alright?†Brett nodded and dropped the subject. The absence of Matt was constantly on Brett’s mind throughout the entire movie. When the movie had ended and the lights went up Brett looked around and saw that he was only sitting next to Kate and not Frank he looked at Kate “Hey Katie where is Frank?†Kate looked at him skeptically “What are you talking about I don’t know any Frank. Man Brett you are sure acting strange tonight†she stood up and walked out of the theater very calmly. Brett followed her and began to laugh “You almost had me Katie with the whole I don’t know any Frank or Matt that was really funny†This time she looked at him with a look of utter fear “Who are you get away from me! I don’t know you!†Kate rushed out of the theater leaving Brett alone. “What the hell is going on today it’s like something out of the twilight zone!†Brett rushed home and decided that he would get some sleep because maybe he was just misunderstanding things because of the bizarre night he had last night.
The next morning Brett decided to sleep in and not do anything all day besides play video games and do his homework for Monday. The day went very smoothly and Brett was finally relaxed after the two stressful days. At three o’clock that night the phone began to ring and soon all the phones in the house started to ring and Brett knew what was on the other line. “Damn it!†Brett rushed into his parent’s room but found them dead asleep and no matter how much Brett yelled they wouldn’t wake up. Furious Brett decided he would fight back against the voice on the phone. He stamped over to the phone picked up and this time there was no static “You must help us! There is not time it is your fate to stop the power of the darkness of the shadows before it is too late!†The phone went dead again and Brett’s heart raced faster than it ever had. “What is going on? Is that message for me? Is that why I am the only one that can hear the ringing? Forget this I am going to bed and this must all be a dream. He kicked the stone he had received in the mail and then went back to sleep.
When he woke up he looked at the palm of hand and the red crystal was laying in it. He threw the stone across the room and it ricocheted off the bookcase and landed in the middle of the room. “What a weird dream!†Brett got ready and got in his car to go to school but something weird hit him. Why weren’t his parents up yet? Normally they are all getting ready at the same time but today he didn’t see them. Ignoring that odd fact Brett left for school. When he arrived he got an odd feeling he looked around and it seemed like a lot of people were missing from school. He looked at the absentee list and nobody was absent but none of his friends were in school. “Maybe the absentee list is wrong because they always manage to mess up.†He went to his first class and everything seemed normal but one extremely weird thing stuck out. So many people were absent and even some of his teachers were absent but nobody even said a word. “It’s like nobody notices the vast number of people absent†Brett went to his AP Spanish class that consisted of his and 8 other kids and found that nobody was there not even the teacher. “What the hell is this? Are people just dropping out or is something else happening†Brett left because none of his teachers were left in school and he returned to what he thought was his home. When he arrived to where his house was all he found was a patch of grass that used to be his house. He did see one thing that remained and that was the red crystal that he had received in the mail. It was the only thing that was left of his house. He then looked around and it seemed that not a single person was out on the roads and houses that were there before weren’t there anymore. “What is going on here!?!?!â€Â

Chapter 3 “Worldâ€Â
Brett stood in a forest of trees that used to be the town he lived in and before his very eyes houses began to disappear and people faded away as well. He turned around and his car disappeared as well. Brett ran for what felt like miles and it seemed as he ran just ahead of him every trace of civilization was fading away. “Did someone slip me some drugs and am I hallucinating or is this all real?†He hoped for an answer but there was nobody around to answer him. He wandered for hours and didn’t encounter a single human or animal. The only things that hadn’t disappeared were the trees and grass. Brett collapsed breathless on the ground and as hard as he tried he couldn’t wake up or at least he felt he needed to wake up to undo this trance like state. The only thing he knew was that this world couldn’t be the one he was used to because his world was filled with humans and cars and animals. Every one he loved was gone and he felt he had nothing to live for. “This place is mocking me!â€Â
The hours slipped by as Brett lay on the ground semiconscious. He closed his blue eyes and clutched the only remnant of his world which was the red crystal. When he opened his eyes his heart pounded loudly as he looked up and saw a giant hole in the sky that was pulling trees and gigantic fragments of land into the sky. Right before the pieces of earth or trees would enter they would completely disintegrate and then they would enter the hole. Brett was frightened and began to run but everywhere he went the hole would suck up the land around him until he had no way to continue. He stared at the black hole and realized that it was his fate to go into it and he couldn’t escape it. More than likely his family and friends were in there so it would only be natural for him to be there with him. Regardless something in him drove him to resist the power of the hole. The strange thing was that giant pieces of earth were being pulled into the hole yet a 6’3’’ 150 pound kid could resist the power of the hole.
The earth finally gave way and shattered into tiny pieces and Brett struggled to stay on the little piece of land that he was on. As the hole began to grow and suck up more pieces the force of it began to multiply and soon what was left of the earth besides the little piece of land Brett stood on was all gone. Brett looked at his pocket and saw a bright glow coming from it and when he took the red crystal out of his pocket he saw that it was the source of the shining. The hole sucked Brett’s mass of land closer and closer to it but just before it entered the hole Brett disappeared. The last piece was shattered into thousands of pieces and sucked in. The hole pulsated for a while and then vanished into thin air and taking with it all of the people and land of earth. The only remnant of earth that wasn’t in the hole was Brett who had become earth’s last survivor.


The Super Pimp of GF
Chapter 4 “Another world another problemâ€Â
After the red crystal had activated Brett was thrown into some kind of vortex and it was filled with lights of every color imaginable. It seemed like each light was completely different and each time Brett would look at one of them it would draw him closer towards it uncontrollably. To resolve that problem Brett closed his eyes and hoped that somehow he would be brought to wherever this journey was going to lead him. It felt like he drifted for days and since Brett never wore a watch he couldn’t tell how long he was in the vortex for even though his watch probably wouldn’t work in that weird area. Soon a light pierced through Brett’s closed eyes and when he opened them he was approaching a white light that drew him close and consumed his entire body and after the bright light there was only darkness.
Brett awoke leaning against a tree in the middle of a town that he had never seen before. The town was very rustic but the people and the vehicles they drove were very high tech. A man approached Brett, he was dress in a black jacket with a silver shirt underneath and he was wearing black jeans that had silver flecks down the pant legs. “So you’re obviously not from around here are you kid?†Brett shook his head “I don’t even know where here is.†The man started laughing “This is gratis city the home of the most advanced technology in all of Yuri!†Brett was perplexed for two reasons one he never heard of a gratis city before and secondly where is Yuri? “Um sir I am sorry this may sound stupid but where is Yuri?†The man started laughing even harder “Son your on planet Yuri this is the entire world Yuri is everything you see. What are you not from Yuri are you some kind of alien? Ha!†The man continued laughing and walked away. “So I am not on earth anymore? So that means that earth really is gone but how did I get here and for that matter how can I get home? Ugh! Too many questions and nobody to answer them.†Brett wandered the streets and encountered many people from this strange new world and learned countless things about the planet Yuri. Brett learned one thing that he found to be the most important thing of all and that is that King Jurai is considered to be the most intelligent and powerful king ever and he has never been asked a question that he doesn’t know the answer to.
Now that Brett had a purpose it was time that he got going but there was still one major problem. The only way for him to see king Jurai was for him to travel to the holy city of Lana and that is over 300 miles away and 150 miles of it is across the ocean. There is a ship that travels there but it costs money to ride on it and Brett only had 20$ on him and he knew that his Earth money would be no use here. So Brett decided to get a simple job to pay his way for the ship. The only problem is that in gratis jobs are assigned at birth so there were no openings in any shops for a person of Brett’s age and abilities. So Brett had no choice but to travel to the ship and try to get a free ride on it. The journey to get to the ship is about 2 days and Brett had no rations so that was another problem that needed to be solved. While walking down the main street a man walked up to Brett and pointed at a necklace that Brett always wore around his neck. The man was very excited and said he had never seen anything like that in his life and wanted to purchase it from Brett. He offered 1,000,000 Jeri (Equivalent to 1,000 dollars American and by the way the necklace cost Brett 10$) for it and Brett accepted readily. After the exchange was made Brett bought supplies and began his journey to the ship.
The journey went off without a hitch and getting on the ship and getting on it first class was also easy with the money he had received from the man in gratis. For some reason Brett had a nagging feeling in his stomach the entire boat ride and halfway through the trip his fears came true. A giant kraken appeared out of the water and attacked the ship. The sailors were getting tossed left and right and people were jumping into the life boats and all of the sudden to more kraken appeared and devoured the people in the life boats. The only people left on the boat were Brett and 20 other passengers who hadn’t been attacked yet. Upon closer inspection Brett noticed that the kraken all had a strange symbol on them that he had never seen before it was a heart shape with two swords going into the heart at each corner of the heart. The creatures swarmed around the boat and one of them swung its tentacle at Brett sending him flying into the water. Another kraken went after Brett in the water and Brett swam with all his might to escape but the creature caught him in its tentacles. “Damn this is it for me I guess. I will never find out what happened to earth and I will never be able to figure out what that phone call was all about.†The kraken’s grip grew tighter and tighter and Brett’s bones began to crack but all of the sudden a familiar light began to glow in Brett’s pocket. “What the??†The red crystal emerged from Brett’s pocket and flashed its light at the krakens and the symbols on their bodies disappeared and the krakens just left. “That was weird.†Brett held the crystal in his hand and began to wonder what the stone actually did, why was it sent to him and who sent it.

Chapter 5 “Kingshipâ€Â
The ship that Brett was traveling on was ruined and but there were still 5 or 6 passengers besides Brett that were still alive. In the distance Brett spotted a gigantic ship that was coming towards them. After a few minutes of flailing their arms the passengers of the wrecked ship flagged down the other ship and were admitted to ride the ship on its return trip to Lana which was lucky for Brett because that’s exactly were he wanted to go. The medics on the ship bandaged Brett up and explained to him that he was on the king’s personal ship. He was out for a pleasure cruise when he encountered a kraken that attacked the ship but his warriors were able to fight it off. They then told him that the king wanted to speak with him concerning the ruined vessel that they were found on.
Brett entered the king’s room and the king instantly acknowledged him “So you are the only survivor of the ship eh? Or at least the only one that wasn’t cowering in the storage room of the ship. So maybe you can explain to me exactly what happened to damage that ship so much.†Brett stepped forward “Well you see sir we were attacked by three kraken and they killed most of the passengers on the ship and damaged it beyond repair. I was knocked into the water and a bright light surrounded me and then the kraken just left.†The king nodded “I am wondering why the kraken have become so ornery recently I believe a dark force is at hand because the kraken used to defend ships from pirates now they attack any ships they see. You were lucky for that light or else you would be dead right now†Brett nodded in agreement “Your lordship I actually was on that ship so I may speak to you. You see I am not from Yuri. I am from another world or at least I think it is another world and my world disappeared and somehow I ended up here but I need to find my way home or at least try to figure out what I am supposed to do.†The king looked very confused “I don’t really no much about other worlds except for the fact that they exist but there is one possible thing that could help you and it’s at my palace. You see there is a door in the basement of my palace that appeared there one day. There is no key for it and there isn’t even a handle. I don’t know why but somehow I think that this door might be able to assist you somehow or more that you need this door.†Brett smiled and bowed and left the room to rest.
Upon arrival in the city the king took Brett to his palace to have dinner and then to talk. The dinner was a feast like none Brett had ever seen and he ate all that he could. “So young traveler what’s your name?†Brett wiped his mouth and swallowed his food “Oh I am sorry my name is Brett Henry you can just call me Brett.†The king laughed “Well Brett I was wondering if you wanted to check out that door I told you about before. I don’t know if it’s what you are looking for but it is worth a try.†The king and Brett descended in the elevator until they reached an underground cave. At the end of the cave was a brown door with golden lining. Brett bowed to the king and thanked him for all his help and Brett approached the door cautiously and before he touched it the king stopped him and ran up to him. “Brett since I may never see you again I will give you this as a reminder of your short stay in Yuri†He handed Brett a yellow crystal that looked like the one he had received in the mail. Brett thanked him again and placed the red stone against the door and nothing happened. Then Brett had an amazing idea he took the other stone out and he placed the yellow crystal up against the door and a bright light pulled Brett into the door. After Brett had disappeared the door vanished behind him. All of the sudden a servant came running up to the king “Your Lordship there is a giant hole that appeared in the sky and it is sucking people and land into it what should we do?!â€Â

Chapter 6 “The voice revealedâ€Â
Once again Brett was in the vortex of colors and once again he closed his eyes but this time when he opened them colors began to blink out as if they were never there to start with. The vibrant vortex was very slowly losing color after color but it didn’t matter at this point because Brett had reached his new destination that he had no idea what was in store for him there. A new light surrounded Brett and he appeared in front of a giant castle. A man came running up to him “Finally you’re here it’s about time my master has been waiting for you.†The man began to drag Brett by the arm “Um I think you have the wrong guy I am not really from around here.†The man interrupted quickly “I know I know but the master needs to speak with you.â€Â
Brett was lead into a giant throne room that rivaled king Jurai’s. “So you are finally here I have been waiting for you ever since your world collapsed. At first I thought you had been captured but you went to a different world. You must have gotten side tracked.†Brett was baffled by what this man was saying but what was even creepier was the fact that the voice of this man was the same voice of the man that called Brett’s house. His hair was long and silver, his eyes were the same exact color of his hair and he was dressed in a long flowing black robe. “I had tried to warn you that “they†were targeting your world but “they†blocked my transmission until it was too late†“What are you talking about!!!†The man chuckled but then took on a very serious face “I am Icha Ryo I am the ruler of this world. You see there has been a dark force that has been gaining power and up until now they haven’t been a threat but now they have been using their powers to destroy one world at a time. Well I use destroy very loosely you see they absorb entire worlds into an area called the shadow zone and every thing and everyone they absorb into that hole you saw is stored in the shadow zone. You are a very special kid you see for some reason their power doesn’t work on you. I don’t know why but when they tried to absorb you with their shadow vortex you weren’t affected yet everyone in your world was easily taken in. You were somehow able to escape your world’s fate and that’s all I know about your situation up until now. †Brett was stunned that he knew that much “Well you see I received this red crystal in the mail and the package said that I was the recipient and the sender of the package yet I had never seen the address of the sender ever. When my world was collapsing around me the stone began to glow and I was in some kind of tunnel of colors and that’s how I ended up in another world where I received this yellow crystal from the king of that world it was called Yuri.†Icha was shocked “Wait you said Yuri? The world of Yuri that just collapsed maybe 3 minutes ago?†Brett was stunned “It was destroyed?†“Yes it must have been right after you left that the world collapsed. I don’t know the nature of those crystals but they obviously have a lot of power. By the way the tunnel you were in is the gate to all world and the colors you saw are all worlds. This brings me back to the problem at hand which is that we need to find out who these people are that are destroying worlds, why they are doing it and then we have to find a way to stop them.†Brett nodded in agreement. A servant entered the chamber and Brett was taken to a room in the castle where he could sleep.
Brett sat on his bed thinking and holding the crystals in his hand and he felt them and they began to glow in his hands. He began to feel the emotions he felt on earth and on Yuri and all the memories he had came flooding back to him and things that he never knew also entered his mind. Then it hit him what these crystals are they are the heart of the two worlds. The red one is the heart of earth and the yellow one is the heart of Yuri. But one question remained in Brett’s mind “why did these stones choose me?â€Â


Wonderful story. Great details and I see that you really like the name Brett. Nice effect of the cliff hanger.


The Super Pimp of GF
Chapter 7 “Destinyâ€Â
A loud noise from the hall woke Brett up from his meditation. “I wonder what the hell is going on out there.†He opened his door a crack and saw a beautiful girl with long flowing brown hair that was pulled up in a pony tail. She had dark blue eyes and a slender body that accentuated her more “defined†features. He was wearing a skin tight jumpsuit that had two katanas dangling from the silver belt that was latched around her waist. In shock Brett slipped and fell down in the middle of the hallway. She bolted around and threw one of her katanas at Brett and it just barely missed him but pinned his shirt to the corridor wall. “So you have been watching me eh? Well if you like spying on me so much then you can do it in hell!†She began to glow and when she held out her hand a bright red ball of light appeared and it was obvious that she intended to use this on Brett. He tried to utter out something in his defense but no words would come out. The mixture of her beauty and the fact that she had him pinned against the wall with an attack in his face made his words fall flat. “Destiny stop that this instant, he is a guest of mine!†Destiny turned around sharply and she bowed. Out of the shadows came Icha “So Brett you have been here less than a day and you managed to piss off the strongest girl in my army†he began to laugh hysterically. Brett’s heart continued to pound even after she removed her sword from the wall and helped him up. “I am sorry sir I didn’t mean to scare you I just don’t like it when people spy on me.†Brett finally was able to say something “Uh ya I am uh sorry for the uh whole thing it is kinda my fault I shouldn’t have been watching you…†Icha signaled for the two of them to return to their rooms and they did so.
As soon as Brett stepped into his room and closed the door he dropped to his knees. “Man that girl could have killed me so fast but man was she beautiful… I have never seen a girl like her in my life… and so strong… and with magic… anyway I should go to bed.†Brett laid down and closed his eyes but he couldn’t sleep the images of Destiny kept racing through his head. His eyes began to get heavy but as soon as they closed a huge explosion rocked the entire castle. He looked out the window and saw an army of what appeared to be men firing giant orbs of darkness at the castle. Upon closer inspection of the beings outside Brett realized that they weren’t men they were some kind of half man half demon creatures. Icha rushed into Brett’s room and threw some clothes to him. They were heavy and it was obvious they were battle armor. “Brett put these on and meet me in my throne room. We are under attack.†“By who?†Icha said one word and it sent chills up Brett’s spine “Them†that one word meant everything to him. Was this world’s fate going to be exactly like all the others or are they strong enough to resist them. All these questions and more raced through Brett’s mind as he put on the battle armor. He arrived at the throne room and numerous warriors including Destiny and Icha were standing around talking. Icha was the main speaker “Our main priority should be to get Brett out of here. He is too important to lose to them. Destiny you shall accompany him out of the castle you can bring 10 other warriors with you on your mission but the others must stay with me.†Destiny nodded and walked over to Brett and handed him a long sword that he could barely hold up. He strapped it on his back and followed her out of the throne room. Icha ran up behind them and stopped Brett “This may be the last time I see you and I need to tell you one thing: Don’t give into them you must be brave and fight on. I have faith that you can save all worlds. Good luck†He ran off down the hall back towards the throne room and the small group of warriors and Brett began to walk again.
The creatures had broken through the castle gates and had made it into the main hall and were met with fierce opposition. Destiny lead Brett into a small passageway that she said would lead out of the castle and would avoid the enemy. As they ran through the passageway Brett couldn’t help but think of the people he was leaving behind and their fates. All of the sudden the small group was surrounded. “Damn t the enemy found the secret passageway! Attack now why we still can!†They were able to fight off the enemies but the only people that remained in the party were Brett, who had done do fighting, and Destiny, who was injured. “Leave me Brett I will only slow you down so go now I will try and hold off any troops that come.†Brett ignored her and put his arm under her arm and he helped her through the tunnel. When they reached the other end they found that the door was caved in and they were stuck. They couldn’t go back because more than likely the castle had been either conquered or destroyed and the exit was now destroyed. Brett’s heart dropped as he heard footsteps and voices saying “We have to find that stupid brat or else the master will be pissed.†Brett put Destiny on the ground and stood in front of her “I will sacrifice myself to save you I will let them take me so you will be safe.†“Are you stupid? The only reason I came on this mission was to ensure your safety and now you’re just going to give yourself up to them. Now my death is really going to be in vain. The creatures had spotted Brett and Destiny and were now sprinting towards them. Destiny forced herself up and began to gather energy for an attack but her legs gave out on her and she collapsed. Now the creatures were right in front of them and there was no escape.

Chapter 8 “Things Fall Apartâ€Â
“Finally we got the kid. The boss will be pleased.†The creatures seized Brett and began to drag him through the passageway. One of the creatures stayed behind and said that he would take care of Destiny. Brett was scared because he knew she was going to be killed. And then the darkness came. Brett was shrouded in darkness and heavily disoriented. “What the hell? Wasn’t I just in a tunnel being dragged by some creatures or has everything that’s been happening to me all just an illusion? Destiny….Icha…Jurai…. were they all just figments of my imagination?†Brett’s eyes opened and he was in his bed at home. “Wow that really was just a dream and now I am home. I really shouldn’t eat fast food before going to bed.†Brett began to laugh but the loss he felt from his “dream†felt like it really happened. He emerged from his room and saw his mom and dad sitting in the family room watching television. It just so happened to be Brett’s favorite show and he plopped himself on the couch with them and started watching. Something was out of place Brett got an extreme case of Deja Vue like he had lived this exact moment before. He even remembered exactly what the episode was about and he could predict his parents reactions to what happened in the show. Something was terribly wrong here. He reached into his pocket and to his surprise he pulled out a yellow crystal and a red crystal. He knew that he didn’t have these before his “dream†so how did they get into his pocket and what was going on with the TV and his parents. The worlds of Icha began to ring in his head “don’t give up!†Brett threw the stones in front of him and they began to glow and he yelled “I know that this is an illusion so reveal yourself!â€Â
A blinding light surrounded him and when it subsided he was in a dingy lab. An old man with a patch over his left eye stood over Brett and stared at him “How is this possible how did you see through my illusion?†Brett began to struggle but it was no use he couldn’t move. Both his arms and legs were strapped down to the chair. “Where is Destiny? Where is Icha?†The man laughed “Oh you mean the girl you were with? Don’t worry she is in good hands now and if you are a good boy you can see her again. As for your king friend he is dead along with all his comrades. We slaughtered them just like lambs. My memory probe was incomplete so I don’t know how much you know but I can tell you one thing. This world is now useless to us and it shall be swallowed up by the shadow vortex and don’t try to use the power of your crystals after I saw what you did to the kraken with just one of them I sealed them up tight in our vault. You shall be transferred to our home world where you shall be dissected and we shall figure out exactly how you can resist our shadow vortex.†Somewhere in the distance a man who Brett couldn’t see because of his limited mobility said “Dr. Ichigaki General Sanoske wishes to see you immediately.†Without a word the doctor left Brett’s range of vision and Brett could hear the closing of a sliding door. If there was one moment for Brett to stage an escape this was going to be it. He felt something moving in his pocket and he wiggled his body enough for it to fall out of the table that he was strapped to. A feeling of hope washed over him when he saw that it was his crystals that the doctor had said he had taken. He then realized he had no idea how to use the crystals so at this point they are utterly useless. His back began to hurt and depression began to set in. All of the sudden the ground began to shake and a soldier cam running in and cut the straps off of Brett and helped him up. “Brett I am here to save you. I am a member of the remnants of Lord Ryo’s army. Do you know where Destiny is?†Brett shook his head and the man grabbed Brett’s arm and pulled him out of the lab. They rushed through and soon cam to a giant door that the soldier demolished with the ax he had strapped to his back. “Run kid I will hold off the creatures you just get out of here!†Brett ran and ran and nobody followed him.
Brett continued to run for hours until he collapsed on the ground. He threw up and then began to cry “Damn it why do so many people have to die for my sake? For all I know Destiny is dead! I am of no use to anyone yet everybody keeps sacrificing themselves for me!†He punched the ground and soon the fatigue of running so much began to take its toll and Brett passed out on the ground in the middle of nowhere.

Chapter 9 “Dreamâ€Â
A warm light surrounded Brett and he sat up and all his friends who he thought he thought he lost were standing with him. They helped him up off the grass and everyone began to hug him one by one. Even his friends from Earth were with him and hugged him. He sat back down against a tree and looked at them as tears filled his eyes “I thought I lost you all. I am so glad you are all safe. I didn’t know what to do I felt like I was of no use to anyone and everyone was dying around me but now that you’re all here I am finally at peace.†Destiny walked up to Brett kissed him on the cheek “Brett you were very brave and I am sorry that you had to under go those trials but you are now in a place of complete and total happiness so don’t worry.†She backed away from him and stood with the others. Brett smiled like he hadn’t in years and felt the warmth of the sun as all his tension was relieved. When he looked back at his friends one by one they started to disappear “No! No! Not again! You all can’t leave me again!†They all began to fade until all that was left was Icha “Brett you must remember to never give up and the key to victory against the darkness is within you†He then faded away and Brett was left alone.
Brett snapped awake and every part of his body hurt. He was lying on rocks because that’s they only thing that was within miles of this place. The feeling of this world began to resemble Earth when it was being absorbed and when Brett gazed at the sky he saw something that filled him with dread: The shadow vortex was in the sky and it had begun to suck up the planet. His heart began to race and he forced his body up and he ran but he knew deep down that running would get him no where so he stopped and dropped on his butt. “This time there is no crystal or gate to save me†he chuckled to himself “Looks like I will be seeing my friends sooner than I anticipated.†The crystals in Brett’s pocket began to glow faintly. Brett bolted up and held the crystals in his hand they seemed to glow brighter as he moved north so he began to sprint north. Finally they had reached their peak of glowing and Brett was in front of a cave. He entered and after walking for a while he came upon a door much like the one he saw on the planet Yuri. Embedded in the door was a blue crystal that was shaped just like the other two crystals he had in his possession. He removed the stone from the door and it instantly began to glow. A bright light grabbed him and pulled him back into the vortex that he had come to this planet in. As soon as he entered the vortex he saw that the color that he had left behind immediately disappeared which meant that it was gone.
He traveled farther than he had ever traveled in the vortex and all of the sudden he hit land. What he hit wasn’t another world in fact it was in the center of the vortex. It was a giant slab of land and it was just floating in the vortex. Brett walked a little ways across the land until he came to an area with a wired fence and a light pole in the center. A man with a brown grizzly beard and a brown suit on stood against the pole and as soon as Brett approached him he looked up at him “So you are finally here. You are very late.â€Â