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Have y'all ever have one of those days where you just eat so much but never feel full enough to vanquish your internal yerning for food? I felt like that all day today: had a huge breakfast, snacks and then went to gym class, then ate more afterwards. I took a small nap after eating another snack/semi-meal, then woke up and ate some more and now I'm going out to eat with friends.

Eating patterns are usually controlled with either 2 or 3 meals a day for the average person. But man, I'm a fatty today, anyone else have days like this?



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I think everyone does....but I'm not sure if it's true hunger or something else.

Sometimes we can mistake thirst for hunger...sometimes we eat because we're bored or due to some underlying emotional issue.


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I feel like that everyday! I think eating is my hobby now. Today I went to a buffet and then went to Mr. Heros and got a romanburger combo and I ordered some food at a chinese restaurant near by. Typing all this just made me hungry.
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These past days, yeah. I feel like oinking any minute because of what I've been eating. I think this phase comes monthly for me so it might be AF related.


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Haha, yeah I've had days like that. Thankfully I haven't had a day like that in a while though. I hate days like that. You just feel like a greedy git. Well, at least I do :lol:
I've been trying to cut down on snacking recently but yeah I've had lots of days like that in the past, just eat eat eat. It's usually the day after my mum goes shopping because there's too much nice food in the house to resist. But I haven't had that kind of day in a while now.


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I find for me its the change of seasons....gradually as the weather changes my appetite goes nuts...

P.S - Bex love the avi...Pink Floyd are awesome
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To me it's no secret that I am a fat kid at heart. I average about 5-6 meals a day and I'm not talking little meals. I wish it was just a once in awhile thing so that I could avoid all the awkward "WHERE DOES ALL OF IT GO?!?!" questions.
That happens to me sometimes. I usually only eat once or twice a day, but I have days where I'll go to the store and buy a crap load of snack food and just munch all day.


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Five days out of seven I'm like this. I eat like a pig sometimes, people ask me how I am so small. I tell them I don't know, I just have a fast metabolism.

Also after I eat dinner, for some reason I always need to have some piece of dessert.