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Fat-blocking Pepsi


Free Spirit
Staff member
A new "fat-blocking" Pepsi with fiber is set to be released in Japan. PepsiCo Inc. on Tuesday plans to launch a version of its namesake soda, called Pepsi Special, with a fat-blocking fiber called dextrin in Japan. In an announcement on the company's Japanese website, PepsiCo explains how dextrin helps reduce fat levels in blood.

"Fat-blocking" Pepsi to hit store shelves in Japan

I guess if it works it would be helpful in reducing the amount of fat in your blood. It also might cause people to drink even more sodas thinking it is safe but I don't think this will do anything about the downfalls of consuming too much sugar. What do you think about this move by Pepsi?

Dextrin, wikipedia


A Darker Knight
I wonder why the FDA forbids candies and soda from being fortified with nutrients. Maybe they don't want people over-consuming, like I do with those vitamin gummy bears.

But being a fiber supplement, I don't think it'll help with all the sugar you're still drinking.