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Fasting in Protest?


For a Free Scotland
Has anyone ever fasted or done other measures to protest a law or perceived injustice?

I'm doing a fast today until the execution time of Troy Davis, 7pm EST. I started at 12 midnight EST, in solidarity with him- because he refused his last meal, as he thinks he will be reprieved for he is innocent in his eyes. My blood sugar's low and I'm a bit dizzy, but water's good and I'm taking it easy.


Creeping On You
I've done the 30hr famine a couple times to raise money for world vision. It was with my church though. It wasn't very hard either, because we all just hung out for 30 hrs, and timed it with a big pancake breakfast at the end.


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What do you have to fast for? It's not like he knows you're fasting for him.

The only times I fasted was because of the operation I had in the morning, longest 13 hours of my life.


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Dont get the point of fasting except more medical reasons. It seems to me it just makes the person fasting feel better then to make a change or sway opinions. Peaceful protesting, donations of money and time and emails or letters to your elected officials and people in charge do far more good.


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I have never fasted for any political or religious belief. The only times I have were for medical reasons. I wont judge someone elses choice to do so, however I believe it is pointless to do it. For the given example, fasting as choice with Troy Davis, changes nothing. The only reason I would see to do that is personal satisfaction, which I am 100% for. Just don't see how it changes anything.


What do you have to fast for? It's not like he knows you're fasting for him.

The only times I fasted was because of the operation I had in the morning, longest 13 hours of my life.
I agree with this. I like to make political stands etc, but I would only fast if someone actually knew about it. Like a whole group of people fasting or something like that. But if it was just me on my own and no one knew then I don't see the point.


Problematic Shitlord
It's commendable to do it, but I doubt it would ever solve anything or get anyone to ever change their minds about anything. It's like a little kid holding their breath in terms of effectiveness. I suppose it's good if like you Kaz, you're trying to sympathize and feel their desperation but I don't know how it works as a form of protest.


Son of Liberty
Nah, while I respect peoples attempts to get political spotlight with Fasting... I dont find it to be the best means of activism.

I kinda find it analogous to "give me what I want or I'll kill myself". For that reason alone, I'm not big on it.


/ˈɪzəˌbɛl/ pink 5
No I haven't. I can see myself possibly doing it in direct defiance of someone - like if I were Troy I might have refused the meal. But indirectly, like I'm silently suffering and the one I'm protesting about doesn't even know or isn't/won't be affected by what I'm doing, then I find it pointless.

Note, that's only when suffering is involved. Otherwise, I can join rallies and all that even if I'll just be one of the thousands who do it and won't be missed if I didn't do it. It's more for my personal peace of mind, I suppose.
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I would never put my health and potentially life at risk, for the sake of any protest, so I find it hard to comprehend people that do.