Fast or slow eatter?


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Are you a fast or slow eatter?

I believe I am a pretty fast eatter, I almost finish ahead of everyone when I eat with some people, especially if I really like the meal.

How about you guys?


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Depends what the meal is, how long it has been since I have eaten last and how hungry I am. Most of the time I am a fast eater.


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I try to go slow because of the whole "hunger takes a few minutes to register in your brain" thing. I used to eat really fast but I'd overeat so I'm trying to cut back on that.


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When I was in the military, you had to learn how to inhail your food so you can continue your activities for the day. But now, I would say that I'm a medium eater, taking my time and pacing myself here and there with that I eat.

I'm a fast eater, and drinker! I always finish before everyone I'm eating with, its kind of annoying when I eat with my parents because I have to stay at the table and wait foreeevvver for my mum to finish.
When I order drinks at a bar I usually get 2 at a time because otherwise I'm forever going back and forth because I drink them quickly.
If you saw me eating you wouldn't think it, I just seem to finish miles before other people.


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I would say that I'm a fast eater, but as other people have said it depends on what the meal is and how much I like it.


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I'm usually a slow eater. I like to savor the meal time. But there are times I get lazy and eat while doing other things (especially if I'm in a rush). Those times, I don't even remember how I finished my food.


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It depends on what I'm eating. If it's something I really love I can't help but eat it fast. I know you should "savour the flavour" and all that bollocks but when it's delicious I just want to eat it quick.
I am not a sloppy eater, though. I eat quick and politely.