Fashion Trends: Pointy toed shoes


It's not me, it's you.
What do you think of them?

Do you own several pair, or did you?


I myself have never been a fan of them. I think they make the foot look abnormally long, and I never owned any myself. I definitely didn't like the way they looked on my feet.


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I have a few pairs, my favourite pair is black with six inch stiletto heels, they go really well with my favourite skirt.


But seriously, I never really saw the appeal of these things. They don't look comfortable or sexy or anything. :dunno:
I can't stand the way they look. My co-worker has some black boots with an extremely pointy toe. I cackle at her every time she wears them. They look just like something a witch would wear.


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I don't like them at all. It's not because of how they look, some of them are pretty awesome shoes, but it's because they make me trip over my feet even more than usual. The toes part always seems to catch on the ground and there I am, arse over face being laughed at by some immature zitty boy. So no, I do not own a pair.

I actually really like the style. It's very sleek and pointed and looks powerful to me. I myself couldn't wear them because I am not a huge fan of wearing heels that aren't boots, but I like how they look.


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i dont really like pointy heels.. i like more of a round open toed.. the pointy looks too.. i bought one pair i think 2 years ago and i still havent worn them.. waste of money i know..


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I used to have lots when they were in fashion years ago. The trouble is, they do not wear well: the points get scuffed quickly and tend to turn up.