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Fashion in 2011


needs practice
I was just wondering about what's going on in fashion in our current era. Sure, we have more choices than ever before (especially for people with money) BUT if we think about formal wear...it has changed little in over 100 years, especially for men! Which is what I'd like to focus on. Why is this?

If we think of fashion for a time period in the West, let's start off with the Greeks and Romans and their togas and flowing cloth they wore. Cool huh?
How about the renaissance we see the Italian nobles wearing frilly collars, colorful stockings, pointy shoes and whatever those people wore (I'm not fashion expert).
Then we go to the classical or baroque era and you have elegant wigs, buckled boots, coattails and puffy undershirts along with large shoulder pads and George Washington looking dudes.

Post American civil war, men started wearing tuxedos and suits more and more. Charlie Chaplin wore a suit. JFK wore a suit. Crazy ass Charlie Sheen wears a suit.

The history of the West is that fashion changes all the time and very fast! Now granted everyday fashion is changing always, especially in the last 100 years with all the globalization and technology.

BUT I think it is interesting to see that for probably 150 years formal wear (which is the fashion pedigree that goes into history books) has been rather unchanged.

Why is this? Or am I full of shit. :D


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I am a big fashion fan, i like the beautiful fashion clothes,and is better with Chinese culture,since i love Chinese culture and unique Chinese goodies.