Fascists, Commies, and Dictatorships


The Abyss

What is the worst threat to society?

You rate them all (10 being worst, 1 being doesn't matter much) and talk a bit about each one like this:

[B]Fascist Governments:[/B]
[B]Communist Governments:[/B]
Here we go. I say:

Fascists get a 10
Commies get a 2
Dictatorships get a 5

Fascist Governments: These are very risky. ususally they are followed by death, propoganda, and military destruction. I think these need to be dealt with quickly and strongly

Communist Governments: These are only threats to themselves. Occasionally we should watch if they try to coup a normal government but otherwise just let them do their thang.

Dictatorships: These are good and bad. When the right man is incharge, almost never, they could do good untill people protest about "human rights" :p. But most fo the time, they are abusive, genocidal leaders.