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Would anybody else be interested in seeing a fantasy war movie? Ex: China attacks The United State, Russia and China attack Japan, everybody attacks The United States, Russia attacks Georgia (oh wait...), ect...?

Instead of the same ol' same ol' war movies about World War I or World War II, I would find it to be very creative and interesting if they decided to create fantasy wars movies to put on the big screen. Ever since Saving Private Ryan came out I've became a war movie fan. I haven't been seeing any quality war movies since then and I thought it would be a good idea for Hollywood to step it up in the creative department and create fantasy war movies.

Just imagine a movie where everybody is attacking The United States. You can have many types of movies displaying different creative stories. One could be the view point of a civilian living his normal life when all of the sudden his country gets attacks. You follow him throughout the movie documenting his progress ala Cloverfield style with a video camera. At the end, you can see him getting shot by a soldier and be nominated for an Oscar. Eh? I'm already salivating. What about you? :lol:

Another could be a fight between Russia and The United States being taken place on Alaska. Instead of the fly-bys and bombs dropping everywhere, you can create the set up of having to protect Alaska because of some valuable asset. Thus, an epic battle in the snow. Don't worry, no Steven Seagal in this movie.

So, what do you think about this? Is there a market for this, or am I living in a dream land?


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Fiction is the word you're looking for. I read fantasy and I thought you were going to talk about Lord of the Rings.

It sounds decent. It's not entirely original, but it could be done.