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Fantasy Sports players


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
We all know that Fantasy Sports is all about winning, but is there any players that you hate so much that you refuse to pick since you hate them so much? Doesn't matter how they are.

Here's a few:


Daniel Alfredsson: Great hockey player, but he's a huge dog and I cannot stand him.

Jason Spezza: Look at Daniel Alfredson


Kevin Youkilis: I can't stand watching him, very talented both offensively and defensively, but I refuse to pick him.

That's all I can think of at the moment, I'm sure i'll come back and name a few more players in different sports.


Actually, fantasy football has made me start to appreciate and follow players that I once hated. But if I had to pick anyone, Hines Ward comes to mind. I cannot stand him, it also doesn't help that fantasy wise, he has fallen completely off.

I'm new to fantasy hockey, but I would do my best to avoid anyone from the Ducks or Stars, moreso the Ducks. Haha. I despise that entire team.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I never get a Pittsburgh Steeler on my team and, if by some chance I do get one, I trade them as soon as possible.

Right Kons?

And then there's Chad Johnson. I used to like him a lot and I had him a few different times for different leagues.. and he sucked. He never lived up to his fantasy hype and I got tired of his inconsistent games. He'll never be on a fantasy team of mine ever again.


4 legs good 2 legs bad
This is my first year doing fantasy sports, but I don't think there's anyone I won't pick, especially if they're good. I have LeBron James and Chad Ochocinco even though I hate both of them.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
I have a thing with hating the Patriots ever since their whole "taping other teams" scandal, since the Rams lost to them in a Super Bowl. I'm never bitter in life, but hey in sports why not!

So I'd probably not draft Brady unless I was forced to.

In baseball (as a Cardinals fan) I'm the same way. I try to avoid Cubs' players unless I really respect them...I've had Zambrano before but it's been a few years and I'm so sick of his whiny attitude. Would not draft that guy.


Registered Member
Chris Johnson.

I think he's overrated after having one huge season, and I just can't stand him.
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