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Fantasy: Pick 3


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The NHL has expanded and you're the GM. You have the option to pick 1 forward, 1 defenseman and 1 goaltender from the current NHL rosters to be the starting core of your franchise, who are they:


For me...

Goalie: Carey Price (Easy pick. Great goaltender with so much calmness and ability to slow things down)
D-Man: Drew Doughty (It's him or Subban and I think Drew is just a notch above. Logs more minutes, more stable in the back-end with a little less offense)
Forward: Sidney Crosby (He's been a solid leader, on of the best if you want to start a new franchise. It's either him or Toews and I think Crosby's leadership is a notch above)


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Im going to have two of the three same picks but i think im going out on a limb with the other but i love this guy

Goaltender: Carey Price(What can i say that hasnt already been said, a goalie that has the ability to carry a team on a back to alot of wins and possible championships)
Defencemen: alex pietrangelo( I have been a fan of this guy since Niagara Ice Dog days. He just has a presence to him. And i think we are a year or two from him being in the same conversation as Doughty and Chara)
Foward: Sidney Crosby(speaks for itself)


The return shall be legenday!
Carey Price: best player in the NHL right now, and it's not all that close imo
Defensemen: PK Subban, a little bias on this one but I can live with his mistakes, and I would give him the freedom Therrien won't
Forward: Sidney Crosby: when he's on his game, he's unstappoble


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Goaltender: Carey Price - Best goalie in the NHL today.
Forward: Sidney Crosby - The difference maker. He can score, can be a playmaker, he does it all on the ice.
D-Man: This one is probably the toughest one since there's a couple of players I could go with and it wouldn't be a bad choice - but I'll go with Doughty because I think overall is just better defensively than PK Subban. But, it's close.


New Member
Goalie: Carey Price
Defence: Brent Seabrook
Forward: Jonathan Toews

Carey Price: a leader in the back, and a great guy to have in the locker room. Solid team guy and plays his position exceptionally well
Brent Seabrook: might surprise most, but I've loved this guys game for many years. Just a gamer, and great leader on the ice. Rock on defence and solid offensively
Jonathan Toews: Captain Serious all day. Another great leader and locker room guy. Great 2-way forward and is only in the prime of his career


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Goalie: Rinne
Forward: Claude Giroux
D-Man: Shea Webber

Goalie is very close with Rinne and Price. I just think Rinne deserves a nod because everyone else has picked Price. Rinne makes all the saves and makes some impossible ones.
Giroux is the best leader in the game. He passes well, he scores, he even hits and he plays with a chip on his shoulder. Crosby is well I don't know the cussing policy on this website but he's a b----. Cry baby and all that. I don't want that scum on my team.
There are a few different d-men who are good but I really like Webber, he scores at a high clip, hits hard, fights, does what you want a D-man is supposed to do.