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Fantasy Football Keeper League


blue 3
So here's the thing - I've got a few RL friends who are looking to start a keeper league for football, and I'm up for footing the bill, but we're trying to get a minumum of 10 people. So far I've got 4 garunteed, and hopefully more. This year may start on week 2, hopefully week 1 but just depends on auto vs. online draft and such. It's a P.P.R league w/ no I.D.P and looking for dedicated individuals. Ya know who you are. Millz, Vincent and Bigbob to name a few. It is through yahoo, so let me know.

I'm looking to do something similar to what Icegoat did but not just with Y! Projections but with own personal opinions, and a guest panel as well. Basically I want to make this as competitive and interactive as possilbe, so if you're interested send me a PM within the next week. I'd like to start it b4 week 1 w/ an auto-draft (Just the easiest) so ppl can decide whether they play for this year or for the next, and to give people draft picks to trade with. Anyway - let me know- SOON!

League set up =

W/R/T - 1

Return yards = .25 = 1 (Willing to adjust all stats)


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I'm definitely interested buddy. I'll still send you a private message just in case you don't check this message.


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I don't understand the league set up? I know what each stands for, obviously.. but I don't understand.


I'm all signed up and ready to rock this shit long-term! WOOOO! But seriously, I'll probably fuck up horribly. I'm a Bengals fan, and we don't think long term.


Son of Liberty
I'd been wanting to do a Keeper league for a while. I have no idea how they work though :hah:

And when you called me last night, I had already been asleep for like 2 hours so I was practically a zombie. I dont even remember our conversation :hah:


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
I joined. I'm looking forward to my first keeper league.