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Sally Twit
I'm not talking about these fans:

I'm talking about these:

I can't survive in the Summer months without one of these bad boys. Sometimes I even fall to sleep with it blasting on my FACE.

I know some people that hate them because it gives them neck ache if it's on them for too long. I just don't know how someone can sleep on a hot night without one.

Do you have a fan or can you survive without one?


We over here don't use fans anymore. It's the air conditioner which is way more helpful in hot weather. Fans don't really work in cooling the environment.


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I don't have one since I don't really need one. I have air conditioning in my house hold so if it gets to hot I just put that on and it works more miracles than fans.

If I didn't have an AC, then yes I would have fun, they don't bother me at all, and they can be useful at times.


yellow 4!
I went all last summer without a fan because I didn't want to bother my dad about getting it down from the loft, and we don't have AC, so it was horrible. This time round I asked and it's sooo much better at night. I've got it permanently sat in the very middle of my room on top of a bunch of encyclopedias, and it rotates. I'm not sure what I did without it last summer.
btw my fan doesn't look like the ones in your pic. It's an ugly tall thing.
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Embrace the Suck
Besides A/C I have ceiling fans in my house. The other other fan is a big box fan in my garage for when I workout, because it gets really hot in there, especially in the summer.


Well-Known Member
We don't have A/C here but the air is fairly cool at night, I sleep with a window just above my head so if I get too hot I just crack it open a bit, works every time.

I hate having a fan blowing on me but I like sleeping with the sound of a fan so I just leave my computer on 24/7.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I use the air conditioner but my room does have a ceiling fan in it.

As do the two spare rooms.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
We've got good AC, but we usually use it along with some ceiling fans in the house...one in the kitchen, one in each of the three main bedrooms. It helps a lot, actually.

Also, from the OP:

I know some people that hate them because it gives them neck ache if it's on them for too long
A neck ache? What the H?


Well-Known Member
One day I was sitting at my desk and i have a small fan and i set the fan right next to me on the desk. My room used to be an attic space but converted into a room and it gets hot during the summer. There is no vent in this room at all. I went to reach for something and knock the fan over and it stopped working. Im like nooooo! Luckily, my brother had a spare fan and let me used it. So to make sure i don't break this fan, I have it set on the floor. (something i should of done in the first place) Its nice having the fan because it knocks out all other sounds.


Sally Twit
lol Daniel

I am not too sure myself. Apparently if there is a draft coming from the window people can get a stiff neck. Must be the same with fans.
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