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Fans willing to pay 400% markup for Kanye West sneakers


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Fans willing to pay 400% markup for Kanye West sneakers ? USATODAY.com

I love a nice pair of good looking shoes. I've paid close to 200$ for a pair, but there's no way I would ever pay close to a 1,000$, or even buy people spots so I can get a pair before anyone else.

I can't believe someone actually paid 90,300$ for a pair on Ebay. That's just insane.

Don't get me wrong, if I could make some good money out of this I would, but I wouldn't go through all the hassle people in this article have been through.


I am the woolrus
Retarded. Though what would be even more retarded is if it said what i first thought it said, kanye west "snickers". I'm not paying over €3 for a chocolate bar!!! :p

It is obscene that people will pay that much for a pair of shoes. Right now i only own one pair of shoes, for every occasion, and i bought them for €15. I mean.... I'm still alive!!! Anybody who wastes their money like that has clearly got a lot more money than they do sense.


Registered Member
I don't even pay full price for sneakers now, no way in hell I'd spend 400% in mark-ups. Like, I understand if these were Jordan's or something because hey, he sells. But Kanye's? Come on now.


Free Spirit
Staff member
I wouldn't pay a 400% mark up for anyone's sneakers. That insane and a waste of money, those shoes aren't made any better or any better looking and I bet they won't last any longer either.


Registered Member
Whoah, that's beyond crazy. Full disclosure: I wouldn't even know who Kanye West was if it hadn't been for his Katrina and Taylor Swift debacles. Even so...


Registered Member
I'm in the same boat, Wanderer. Nor do I care who in the blue blazes Kanye West is, come to think of it. And I certainly wouldn't may a 400% markup for anybody's ... anythings, actually. I mean, if I had money to absolutely burn and nothing better to do and enough room to store and display the stuff, sure, I might look into collecting memorabilia for films and TV series I love but ... I just... no. I can't make any sense of this one.
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