Fan Fiction: Why the Hate?


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(Taken from a post of mine on another forum, I'm posting it here until the restriction issues in the "Art" forum are resolved)

I have written fan fiction before and I don't see what the fuss is all about. I write my own work as well and fan fiction was simply another way of writing to me. People who insult those who write fan fiction need to let up. I wrote a pretty damn good Doom fanfic awhile ago that got good responses, does that make me incapable of writing? I hope not.

The only fan fiction I can't stand is the "uber-fanboy/fangirl" brand of it. I'm talking about people that write completely unrealistic and moronic versions of stories so far from the original story that it's gag-inducing. For example:

As Cloud and Sephiroth stood over Las Vegas, ready for their last fight, Cloud looked deep into Sephiroth's eyes. He knew then that there was no reason to deny his sexual lust anymore. That sword, the hair . . .
I'm sure you get my drift.

Other than that, I don't see any reason to bash it. I mean, most stories are the same ones retold in different formulas. Isn't that what fan fiction is? Retelling of an old story? In algebra, we solve for the value of x. In writing, our 'x' is that feeling we want to give the reader, whatever it may be. It's up to us how we get there, but we strive for the same result.

I think people look down on it because the entire idea of the story does not belong to the author. While that is wrong on certain levels, I don't see a problem in me taking from Doom the general story of Hell's demon army invading and adding some of my own personal touch. As long as the writer made a real effort to create a well-crafted story, who are we to say they can't use ideas from others when we do it ourselves?

Why all the hate? Love writing!


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I'm actually writing a Harry Potter fan fiction. It's getting good reviews...

I didn't even know people bashed fan fiction. o.o


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Well some of it get's a good beating. Hopefully though, it's the stuff like I mentioned, the totally idiotic and far-out raping of a story that people do just to meet the ends they wanted the characters to get to.


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Sometimes on I'll find a story like this;

Spencer- "I can't believe your making me go to this shit!" Madison- "Shut up! You know you wanna go.. So stop frontin!"
Spencer- "Shut up bitch!"
Madison- rolls eyes "Pleassse.. It'll be fun and we haven't done anything the whole summer"

I usually just ignore the rest and review saying how it probably throws people off the story and it would be better if she/he changed it. And leave it at that.



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I say it's the fanfiction that has no meat to the story that makes some people hate it including me. Other stories just go by too fast or too slow and it annoys the heck out of people.

I say that sometimes it how some write theirs. Personally I like the one-shot stories that have no chapters to them, only some I want them to because that author is a good writer and one that is not writing like a 2nd grader who can't seem to get their story, point, or grammar right/across.


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As Cloud and Sephiroth stood over Las Vegas, ready for their last fight, Cloud looked deep into Sephiroth's eyes. He knew then that there was no reason to deny his sexual lust anymore. That sword, the hair . . .
I love stuff like that! ^_^

....Yes i'm sad and pathetic, leave me alone!!

Fanfiction was what got me into writing (which of course means they totally suck) but it's a good way to get started.
Fan fiction can be seen as a good way of showing your quality of writing... however, it does not show that you can create a good set of characters, an involving world, or even an overlying plot. No matter how good a piece of fan fiction is, it will never be able to deviate too drastically from the original piece of work, and that's it's weakness.

Some people see this weakness as making the whole genre of work totally useless, which I disagree with... fanfiction still displays the quality of one's writing style and ability, even if it lacks much of the creative aspect. However, those who believe fan fiction to be on par with original writing are sadly mistaken.


Most people that I know (including The Wife) outside of my friends who write don't get the point of fan fiction. They ask me why do I bother writing stories that I don't get paid for when I could be working on my original stories.

I've been writing fan fiction for 10 years now (mostly DC/Marvel superhero stuff) and my reasons for writing it are two-fold:

1) It's fun. And since it's highly unlikely Marvel or DC will back up dump trucks fulla money to my door and beg me to write for them, fan fiction is the only way I'm gonna get those Avengers and Hulk stories outta my system.

2) It's a great way to keep myself writing when I'm stuck on an original piece. When that happens I simply switch to writing a movie review or fan fiction.

I think for a writer just starting out that fan fiction is a great way to experiment with characterization, pacing, plotting and setting until one gets more comfortable and then moving on to writing their original stories.
Because people need to make up there own damn characters and stories. Also Most fan fictions are not true to the characters or the main story.