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Fan Fiction Update


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Just an updating of what fan fiction I'm writing these days and where you can find it if you're interested...

SUPERMAN @ JLU2001 http://www.carnaj.com/JLU2001/: I'm halfway through my 12 issue commitment to this title and finally getting to "The Trial of Lex Luthor" My only real concern that once again I've gotten carried away and have more subplots going on that can be easily resolved in the six issues left to me. I may have to ask if I can have another six issues since I really don't want to leave whoever takes over the title to have to clean up my mess. I've got the thing with Dr. Barabbas and Ugly Mannheim going on, Lois and Clark trying to have a baby and I've introduced Rose Forrest as a supporting character so that's quite a lot to tie up.

AVENGERS @ Marvel Omega :: Avengers : Seven issues into my 12 issue commitment on this title and while I'm having a ball writing stories from Dino Pollard's plots I think that once my 12 issues are up I'm going to step away. The main attraction of writing this title is that I've gotten to write characters I never would have thought to write before, such as Cannonball who's rapidly become my favorite character in the series. Makes me think I should take those X-MEN ideas I've had for so long and finally do something with them...

HULK @ Marvel Omega http://marvel.omegacen.com/hulk.html: Issue #12 is planned to be a big one as I've really got to explain the mysteries behind The Gamma Conspiracy and The Hulk's daughter, Janelle Ban. The Hulk and Hardbottle's Hulkbusters finally have the big throwdown I've been promising since #1. I'm seriously thinking of taking the series to a nice round number like #15 and then giving it over to someone else as I'd really like to write a "Suicide Squad" type of series featuring Hardbottle.

MON-EL @ DC Legends http://paratime.ca/dclegends/: It looks as if #18 is going to be the last issue since due to health reasons; DC Legends Editor In Chief Tim Hartin is putting the site on hiatus. That also means my DOOM PATROL: THE SILVER AGE isn't going to have a last issue for a while. However, BLACKHAWK INTERNATIONAL has only had five issues posted there and I'm thinking about approaching some other DC sites and asking them if they would be interested in that title as I've got five more 'in the can'

AVENGERS @ Altered Visions http://www.alteredvisions.org/titles/avengers/index.html: Right now this here is the jewel in my crown. The most recent issue saw The Vision reborn but now he has the brain patterns of the deceased Hank Pym. The Wasp left to go join The West Coast Avengers and Captain America and Hawkeye are trying to figure out just how nuts Tony Stark really is. In the meantime Attuma attacks New York while Nova and Warbird wonder if they're attracted to each other for real or just because they've got a love of yellow and black. After the "Attuma Knows Best" two-parter I'm going to jump into a multi-part epic with Tony Stark's Cosmic Avengers heading into deep space to find the lost starship Infinity. I'm going to stay on this one as long as I'm having fun.

THE PROWLER @ Altered Visions http://www.alteredvisions.org/titles/avpresents/index.html: Now that The Prowler is working for The Black Panther I'm going to have his adventures take on more of an international flavor. The Prowler's also going to gather a little team of his own which in a moment of whimsy I've decided are going to be characters from blaxplotation movies of the 70's. So look for Mister Keyes from 'Three The Hard Way', Cleopatra Jones and...wait for it...'The Last Dragon's' Bruce Leroy Greene to become part of The Prowler's supporting cast.

WEST COAST AVENGERS @ Avengers2000 http://www.ironrodstudio.com/AV2000/issue.asp?titleid=AWC: For the foreseeable future I'm going to be co-writing this title with my "Better In The Dark" partner Tom Deja. Dunno how long it's going to last as I'm basically just helping him jump-start the series to get it back to something resembling a semi-regular schedule. I’ve got about 1100 words of THE RED SKULL #3 and I’m whacking away at that slowly but steadily. I’ve been re-reading a lot of my ‘60’s Marvel Comics to get myself back into the proper mindset to write this one.

KA-ZAR @ Marvel Knights http://knights.omegacen.com/kazar/index.htm: I think I’ve finally turned the corner on this one. 3000 words are done and another 3000 should bring it to a conclusion I’ll finally be happy with. The problem has always been that I wanted to tie up everything so as not to leave anything hanging as I have no intention of continuing it and if somebody else wanted to continue it, they could with no problem.

STAR TREK: FOTHERAN & MALLORY Star Trek: Fotheran & Mallory This month will see three new chapters of "Black Horizon" posted as Fotheran and Mallory wonder if they're better off allying themselves with Seven of Nine and The Borg Queen or worse.
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