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Family Reunions


Registered Member
Have anyone ever been to family reunions? I have: two of them.

The first one took place shortly before my sophomore year of high school in 1999. We checked into the Holiday Inn Hotel, which was not bad, but we only got like 3 to 5 TV channels:mad:. For the reunion part, however, it lasted for two days. On the first night we went to some rented out bar which served us soda and other drinks. The food was provided by family members. Boy it was great and we didn't get back to the hotel until like1 AM!:lol: On the second and last day, we had a picnic in the park and had one last gathering at some civic center where, once again, we were served refreshments and a raffle took place. Despite the poor hotel conditions, the reunion was great.:D

The second and final one took place the next summer, and this time, it was South Carolina. We rented a club van for our family and other members so we could travel to SC. The first night in the van did not go well and some us (including myself) had trouble sleeping:zz:. The next morning, however, we went over this huge bridge somewhere in between Louisiana and Alabama, I think. The best part of the trip were the pit stops, where we could buy stuff and munch down on the food we already have packed. The hotel in South Carolina was a Hampton Inn. What made this hotel better than the Holiday Inn back home was that the TVs had almost every channel you could dream of. The family reunion took place at one of our cousin's houses. In addition to being food present, there was also a lot of pets present including a mother cat and her kittens and two huge Great Danes! One of them came up to the porch to our surprise and let me tell you, he was a sweet thing. However, the family reunion didn't quite end like I thought it would, after I sprained my leg by tripping over a buckle on a piece of concrete during a water fight. I had a hard time walking for like two weeks. Thankfully, even though I couldn't run, I was at least able to walk again just in time to begin my junior year of high school.

What family reunions have you attended, if any?


Free Spirit
Staff member
Well there is one family reunion of sorts that I attend sometimes but not recently. Its called a grave yard cleaning and yes its held at the cemetery. Don't want to leave anyone out just because they are dead.lol

This was started many years ago as a way of keeping the cemetery cleaned up but now they hire someone to do that. Everyone else just brings a dish to share with your family members that are still alive. Everyone eats, plays horseshoes and just socialize. There are more than one family there for this reunion.


Sally Twit
My dad fell out with his sister a good 20 years ago and over the last few years they have begun making an effort. We had quite a large family reunion and I have to say it was pretty awkward. My dad and his sister hit it off perfectly fine, but the rest of us found it hard to start talking. It was weird having to tell your own aunt, uncle and cousins what you've been doing the last 20 years.
Most of my dad's family live in Scotland, so we don't see them that often. If we do, we usually arrange for the whole of my dad's family to get together at the same time. Personally, I am uncomfortable in such situations and usually try and make an excuse to get out of it.