Family issues


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This is not just immediate family issues, this is more on my in-laws side of the family.

This year I shot my one deer, I got the meat for it and offered to split it up with my in-laws. We got 30 lbs out of it. They said we could keep it, they'll get one eventually. Well my mother in law was sick so she couldn't hunt the better half of this season, my father in law didn't get one either. My brother in law got his the same day I did last week.

Because we had an extra tag (since my mother in law didn't use hers), he used hers today. So we got 3 deer between the family. 2 were shot by my brother in law, and one by me. Generally we split up the meat. Now my brother in law wants to keep all 70lbs he got out of his two and won't share it, even though he shot the second one on my mother in laws tag. I offered to split up what little meat we got out of my one deer, my in-laws didn't want it then, but now they do since they didn't get anything. He's done this before and apparently they did not learn their lesson then :mad:

I told my wife to tell my brother in law to stop being a dick and share his damn meat... but she doesn't want to "get in the middle of it". I'm not really on a personal level with the guy, I mean we'll hunt together, have a beer when I'm up there, but he's more of an acquaintance if anything. The problem is my wife's parents have no spine to tell him to split it up, nor does she.

I don't talk to the guy much so I can't pull the weight like my wife or her parents can to tell him to split it up. So now I'm stuck with splitting up my 30lbs of my meat while he gets away with 70lbs...

I'm pissed, I told my wife to tell him to split the damn meat up and my wife turns around and tells ME that I can't hunt up there anymore if I'm gonna act like this.

I was like wtf? At this point she changed the convo (meaning I had a point and she didn't want to talk about it anymore) So I just said goodbye and hung up.

I'm beyond livid right now... what can I do to fix this? My wife nor her parents have any spine to tell my brother in law to split it up... so "talking to them" is out of the question, they won't do it. I'll be damned if I'm forced to split up what little meat I got, but he get away with most of it, and it wasn't even his tag.



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This seems like two separate (but obviously very related) issues.

I'd say if he doesn't want to split the meat from their tag with them, that's between them and him. It wasn't his tag, but it was theirs, so it's up to them to deal with him if they want to. You've mentioned your opinion; other than that, it's not really up to you.

As far as your deer - IMO you should just not deal with him any more as far as splitting meat. Write this off as an annoying lesson learned, and only deal with him in other areas. The deer you bagged is your deer. If you want to help your parents in-law because of their difficulties, that's you deciding to be generous. If you and they have an agreement that they've honored in the past, I would continue to honor it with them.