Movies Family Guy?



Does anybody here watch Family Guy? Its quite like Simpsons but a lot funnier, it is from the makers of American Dad that you may also watch.
My favourite season is Season 3, probably the funniest out yet, I don't really like Season 5 & Season 1 as I find them boring.
Favourite characters are Stewie Griffin & Peter Griffin.

How about you?


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I love The Family Guy.

Stewie & Brian are my favorites. I loved the one where Brian placed a bet with Stewie and lost, so Stewie proceeded to kick his ass over and over.


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It's hit or miss for me. I'm really more of a South Park fan, but Family Guy can be gold at times.


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I love Family Guy... I watch it all the time

The Simpsons are classic, but Family Guy I think is funnier


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I love the show. Now im also a huge Simpsons fan and American Dad as well but Family Guy I think is the funnest of all those shows and at the moment the most popular. The Simpsons is very good and all but still.


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I just have a DVD with a few episodes on it. Luckily I picked the one with the Wish Upon A Jew episode. I love the opening skit.

I like all the different flashbacks that they put in there. "like the time I....." Those are funny