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TV Family Guy & The Cleveland Show Both Get Renewed


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
411mania.com: Movies - [TV] Family Guy & The Cleveland Show Both Get Renewed

I really hope that season ten is much better then season number nine. I've been really disappointed with the recent season, there were only a couple of funny episodes. It just seems like they're running out of ideas.

I don't watch The Cleveland Show since I think it's pretty annoying, so I don't really care that it got renewed for it's fourth season.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I couldn't see anything past, "Show" and I thought they'd been canceled or something haha

This season of Family Guy had some good ones but you're right overall they were just eh.

I don't watch much of the Cleveland Show either.


The Hierophant
I can't believe that The Cleaveland Show actually got that many seasons already. I thought for sure that it'd only be a one season show.

I'm not a huge fan of Family Guy, either. I don't like Seth McFarlane's sense of humor, or how about 75% of his episodes are all cut aways that have little to do with the actual story of the episode. I bet he must be sleeping with the right people or something cause it seems that he ran out of material about three seasons ago.


Living in Ikoria
Staff member
Happy to hear that about both shows, esp. Family Guy.

I don't watch them on Sundays that often when they're new, though...I really wish I did, because I enjoy The Cleveland Show every time I watch it...and Family Guy is always great.


Sally Twit
Now don't be hating on Family Guy. And you Millz.. I'm disappointed in you. :(

I am not sure what happened with the way these went to DVD but we already have season 10 in the UK. I received it in the mail a couple of days ago.


aka ginger warlock
I do enjoy Family Guy but I really hope that Seth McFarlane unlike it seems Matt Groening knows when the time is the say "enough is enough", people may disagree but I just don't care about new episodes of The Simpsons and I think it needs to go.

As for The Cleveland Show, I tried to watch some episodes on E4 here in the uk and I keep trying to give it a go but I just don't find it funny, I may need to invest more time into it as I disliked FG when it started but I can't see my opinion changing.


New Member
I never miss Animation Domination even if some episodes are better than others. I travel a lot so I use my Sling Adapter that I got from my job at DISH Network to relay FOX onto my Android so I can watch no matter where my location is. I'm more of a fan of American Dad, but I really do enjoy Stewie's antics. I could care less about The Cleveland Show, but I am excited for the Napoleon Dynamite show to start. All in all FOX is doing me very well!


Registered Member
I'm glad Family Guy got renewed, it's my favorite show. I wish they'd just bring Cleveland back to Family Guy because his show IS Family Guy, just with different people. I've watched a half of two episodes and I just can't stand The Cleveland Show.


Band Nerd ♫
The Cleveland Show shouldn't have even lasted through its first season. D:

How long until Fox Domination becomes all Seth McFarlane? I'm still unhappy that "The Cleveland Show" replaced King of the Hill. No matter what The Cleveland Show was, it could not live up to replacing that, and of course, it hasn't.

Although, I didn't really watch it back then, KotH was the best.

I watch Family Guy and American Dad, but that's it. I think I prefer American Dad, but both it and Family Guy go down the "lets be violent for no reason!" road far too often.


Registered Member
I really hope that they renew American Dad!. I'll miss it if they don't.