TV Family Guy 'Boys Do Cry.'


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Boys Do Cry - Season 5 Episode 15Lol...
I like that episode, and it made me think of some people from here. If it's a true [albeit 'comical'] stereotype, then I'd guess a lot of people here are from Texas OR near that area or with similar traits as Texans.

The Stubborn Mule reminded me of the forums:

YouTube - Family guy-Stubborn as a mule

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It's not me, it's you.
Sad 'boo-hoo' or sad 'Crap'?

I just loved that episode because a few characters reminded me of some people here.
I'm a little worried now. I can't see the link, but I may have to go to my watch tv site to take a look at that episode and see if you're talking about this Texan... :p

Everything in that episode is 10 x exaggerated and about 50 years too late. But it's still funny. I love Family Guy. King of the Hill does a better job portraying Texans (the conservative ones, anyway).
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