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Family Favouritism


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Share and discuss your experiences and opinions of favouritism within the family.

This needn't just be restricted to sibling favouritism. It can be in regards to anyone in your family. So, only children may not feel left out.

Also, this is a two-way analysis:
1. Your experience of favouritism towards you over others in your family, or those over you.
2. Your favouritism. In regards to who you favour over others, in your family.

Perhaps you firmly believe that favouritism is not present within your family. That all members are treated equally. Perhaps you aren't sure where the favouritism actually lies, either way, perhaps you can make a reasonable guesstimation.
Simply discuss this issue in all its realms. If you so wish.



Hmm, I don't really have favourites in my close family.... but my close family is really small, just my Mum and my sister. I do have two Aunties though and I have a favourite out of them.


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I don't think there is any favoritism in my family but my sister always thought there was haha. She always said I got whatever I wanted because I was the oldest.

But from where I sat I didn't see it and I don't favor my mom over my dad or my dad over my mom or my brother over my sister or my sister over my brother.


Babeasaurus Sex
There definitely is in my family.

My little brother literally gets what he wants when he wants!

I guess that's my fault too though, I spoil him a lot and stick up for him when he's in trouble.

My mum and my dad have always wanted a boy and though I know I'm loved it's a lot harder for me to get them to see reason. Even though at the minute I'm the success of the family!
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yellow 4!
I'm getting major deja vu writing this post but I can't find a similar thread... oh well.
edit: found it, but it's just the 'jealousy between siblings' thread.

Also, this is a two-way analysis:
1. Your experience of favouritism towards you over others in your family, or those over you.
2. Your favouritism. In regards to who you favour over others, in your family.
1. My mum shows some favouritism towards me over my brother every now and then but only jokingly and with good reason! I was practically an angel growing up compared to him when it came to asking for money and clearing up after myself. So now she trusts me more and stuff, and you can tell she's more reluctant to, for example, lend him money.

But she also tells both of us that we're each her favourite (in front of the other one, lol). Like Bruce Forsyth telling every contestant "you're my favourite!" as they come off stage on Strictly Come Dancing. :D

2. All I can think of is I slightly favour my grandma over my other 2 grandparents because she's so CUTE! lol no, mainly because she lost her husband many years ago and she's all alone and I really feel for her. I love my other grandparents exactly the same, don't get me wrong, I just have a soft spot for my little grandma.

But anyway, there's no true favouritism in my family from what I can tell.
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I'm an only child and thankfully nobody is favorited the most other than me.
But I do favorite my mom over my dad.
Oh and my grandma[from mom's side].... I have a soft spot for her.


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My mom tends to favor my brother over my sister and I and even my dad, but we're used to it by now.

I'm the middle child and typically in the middle of everything! I unfortunately get pulled into all kinds of problems between my sister and my brother and other issues. So Im close to everyone in my family. My little sister is closer to my father and my brother to my mother. While I - like i said - am in the middle.

we can't really bring it up because its a pretty touchy subject to my mom. So we just deal with it. I mean its not like the family is split or anything. :3


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There was definitely favouritism in my family. My dad always preferred by brothers over me, I guess boys were easier. He'd let them away with stuff, have different rules for them, what I did was never good enough, etc. I remember doing something exactly the same as my brother right after he had done it, and my dad just grinned at him, then sent me to my room. I had a great childhood :lol: Nowadays i'd say my mum is slightly nicer to me than my brother, but I guess that's because i'm the new novelty toy, i'm sure that will wear off soon enough.

I guess I favour my sister over my brothers, because well I only have one sister but a million brothers.


rainbow 11!
I was my parents favorite growing up. Probably up until the age of 14 when I stopped eating up their bullshit and started to call them out on the affairs, drugs, and alcohol.

But in a way, I still was and kinda still am. My brother is a dead beat, and while my sister is doing really well NOW, she was into some hard drugs before she had her first kid.


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I almost hate to think about this. My sister is the favored one. She gets most the respect and most the defense. Both my parents like her stoic, calculated, controlling ways as opposed to my emotional ways. I feel they've teamed up against me for most their lives. Extended relatives have handed down money to her, but not me. As for my sister rearing her own two boys (now age 29 and 30) she has continued with to show unequal treatment. She bases it on her own preference. I relate so much to the younger of her two sons because of that. He and I have always had a special relationship. I've made it a point to show love and admiration to my two kids....albeit for different things. I think when it comes to monetary aid I tend to be more generous to those in my family that are in more need. My objective side says that makes sense. When you're on the recipient side, it looks unfair.
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