*falls in throught a ceiling tile.*


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Eep! Well I appear to be here! My friend (Hiei) has been saying I should join this forum, so I have finally acquiesced and joined. (I had a brief brain drain there :p I had to look up acquiesced)

I'm Soul, can call me Lady or Soul or LadySoul, just as long as you do not call me late for dinner! I enjoy dinner, honestly, tonight we're having pizza.

I own a bird and a cat, Apollo and Meleana, and the cat is a girl and we haven't done DNA testing on the bird. I used to have fish, most notably oscars (they grow to 14 inches and like live food, I cannot tell you how amusing it was to watch them grab a live minnow from my hand.)

I enjoy writing, reading sociology books and texts, names and computers. This November will be my second participation in NaNoWriMo. a competition where you try to write 50,000 or more words in thirty days. (last year I achieved over 57K!)

I'm hoping you'll all be a little nicer than the forum where I met Hiei.

Anything would be an improvement :/

I'll end this here, so I don't bore you.


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I'm just as surprise as you Emo.

None the less, welcome to the forums, very excited that you've decided to join General Forum. It looks like your going to be a great member, so stick around and you'll enjoy this place, and hopefully will enjoy you as well.


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Welcome, Raphie. You've always been and shall forever forth be Raphael to me.

And what the fuck? I'm not allowed to have friends?


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Yep, Hiei has the best friends :p we love him for how great he is to us!

I have so much writing to do tonight :/ :p

Anyway thank you both for the welcome!


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Sorry if you catch a few of us off guard.. But.. friends, he hasn't tried to like kill you or anything?

:lol: Merely playing, Hiei is cool and anybody coo wit hiei ish coo wit me.

Enjoy yourself and I hope to catch ya in another thread, hopefully sitting comfortably instead of sneaking through the ceiling. :D


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Atreyu - ha, maybe, you never can tell >.>

R1pperZ: I have magical powers that keep him helpless when I'm around...or somthing...like...that :| >.>

but he will eat you and stuff if I let him...so better be careful! :D

Yeah it's odd about the ceiling tiles...somehow I teleport into the ceiling when I go new places or re-enter Nanochat (aslo sometimes I pop out of manholes or floor panels there too!)