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Falling Out


Sally Twit
Are you the type of person that is always falling out with your friends, or do you constantly get along with everyone?

If you do fall out with someone, are you usually the person to make things better, or are you too stubborn?

I very rarely fall out with anyone. But there is this one guy at work with who drives me up the wall. Sometimes we'll get along and have a laugh but other times he'll say something or act a certain way and we won't speak for days. He is in his late 30's but he acts like a child sometimes.
Rather than talking about the problem, I'll just not talk to him for a few days and then eventually one of us will start talking again.
It's not like I see him outside of work so I don't bother putting in any extra effort. The only reason I do speak to him is because we sit next to each other.


Unfortunately yes. I had a large group if friends in High School, and since it finished there are only 2 that I really keep regular contact with now. There are a lot of people who I wish I never fell out with, but I'm not really that outgoing and find it hard to keep some friendships going. The friends who have stuck by me all these years are those who really understand me.
I have a large group of friends still now via other means, but when it comes to all those High School contacts most of them are all but gone.


aka ginger warlock
I don't tend too. The problem is I am so polite to people and I worry so much about what they think of me or that I might have hurt them I will never honestly tell them what I think.

If I do say something even if it is true I will instantly apologize but if someone says something to me I will either agree or just take it on the nose and get on with it when really what I should be saying is:

"oi, s**t for brains, you have hurt me and frankly I wouldn't be upset if you fell on down the stairs and broke something!"

But even if I did say that I would apologize for it because I know it is a horrible thing to say. People take the piss out of me in work for apologizing and saying sorry so much and I hate it that they do, at least two people know that I am not confident and have problems with anxiety and yet they continue to do it, and these people are meant to be my friends...
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No, I'm not the type to fall out often.
I think falling out with someone depends only on them. If someone deserves my true friendship, they will have it. If not, then I don't care if I fall out with them or not.
Generally, when I don't get along I ignore them because arguing/debating has no point.
I've had one big falling-out with my ex-close friend who used to bad-mouth about me, behind my back. I'm done with her and I don't regret.


needs practice
I fall out with friends because of distance, but generally not because of personal strife. Distance becomes extended time part becomes not following up becomes I don't know what they are doing anymore....unfortunately


yellow 4!
I [pretty literally] constantly get along with everyone. I've never had an argument before in my life, unless it's a silly joke one where I'm not being serious. And the rare times that I've had to speak against someone, I won't let it turn into an argument.. by either walking away from it or attempting to talk it out.

Some might think that's a good thing but I'm guessing you'd be surprised at how many people it probably annoys :lol:. I mean, I'm not sickeningly nice all the time just to avoid confrontation, but I am rational and don't see the point in arguing, ever. I do understand why others do it, but I think most people fall out when they let emotions take over. There are far better ways to resolve things, imo. I don't know if everyone would agree though.


Better Call Saul
Staff member
I suppose I kind of the same way as Rebecca. My roommate and I in college never argued one time. No relationship is perfect but it never got heated.

Honestly, the only time I get into arguments is usually sports related haha. I've had some good ones over the years but at the end of the day it has never affected my friendships with anybody.

I can be randomly confrontational but usually I just let it go and walk away. The majority of the time I just don't see the point in arguing...especially if it's something really dumb.


Well-Known Member
Unfortunately yes. I had a large group if friends in High School, and since it finished there are only 2 that I really keep regular contact with now.
It was the same for me in high school. There was a group of about 15 of us that used to hang out, and there would always be some petty bullshit where we'd fall out. Generally for me it was because I spoke my mind and people don't tend to like that too much. The two I still talk to from that group are the only ones who are worth it. Funny how you lose contact with so many people you said you'd always be friends with.

Anyway, now not so much. I don't really care about people enough to let petty bullshit get to me. And the people I do care about, well...I care about them for a reason so the minor falling outs don't matter.


I mean, I'm not sickeningly nice all the time just to avoid confrontation, but I am rational and don't see the point in arguing, ever.
Sometimes, arguing has nothing to do with confrontation.
Confronting means discussion and discussion is not always a harsh debate, it's about talk.
And I think some things are better said than meant, in order to avoid misunderstandings.
I have a friend who never argues with anyone, and to be honest I think she's just the biggest hypocrite on earth. [I'm not saying you are a hypocrite LOL].
I just get doubtful of her from time to time, because even about the biggest mess that could happen to her, she never says anything to raise a debate.
I just think she wants to "walk through the rain without getting wet" lol.


I've definitely had falling outs with friends and even family members before. There were sometimes when I'd try to repair the friendship and other times where I'd sit back and wait for them to do it.

I used to hang out with a lot of people in high school... now, I only hangout with a very small group.